Thursday, October 13, 2011

Truth is

Truth is.......I've been wanting play along with the lovely Julianna over at Surviving Boys
ever since she started this little feature!
Truth is.......I can't make the button work without jacking up the rest of the post, so you'll have to click on the "Surviving Boys link to go visit her!  It's worth it though!"

Truth is.......three weeks ago, I went into Brian's office to "help out" and now I can't get out!

Truth is.......I'm working there full time.

Truth, the executive team approved of me working there.

Truth would they NOT approve of me working there.  Who else are they going to get to work for FREE?

Truth is........I hate WalMart!  I try to limit my frustration trips, but I feel a moral obligation to my checking account.  Some of the prices are too low to just go to other stores and throw money away.
Truth is........I will NEVER go to Dollar Palace.

Truth is........I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday, I can hardly stand it.


Andrea said...

I hate Walmart too, but if I have ever gone days without showering and my ill-fitting clothes are torn...that's the place I can confidently stride into! Ooooh, hating on the dollar stores? Sure I hate them, but sometimes you just gotta bag the bargain!

Julianna said...

Yes. Because we all know that you simply MUST dress up to go to WAlmart. (insert People Of Walmart You Tube clip here)

Personally, I'll go anywhere I can wear my pajamas to. :)

Thanks for linking up! Sorry about the button.

Danelle said...

The one thing I like about Walmart is that it makes me feel fancy. When I make my husband go, he entertains himself by counting how many people are wearing sweatpants or pajamas.

PS. I am so glad you got to go visit the new baby! :)

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Truth is... I can't stand how people dress when they shop at Walmart. Don't they realize how ridiculious they look?

Stef said...

I dislike Walmart too...only some of their stuff is just plain cheaper. Dang them!!!
I much prefer Target...but I spend way too much money in that place so I have to stay away.

Lauren Billat said...

My favorite Walmart quote is: "I need to go to Walmart but I can't find my pajamas." ;)

The Frisky Virgin said...

Dress up to go to Walmart! Oh my! There are no words! If that's dressing up, then the rest of us must be ready for the Academy Awards on a daily basis.

Thank you for stopping by--I will absolutely be following your blog. :)

And I'm so glad Denver is starting Tim Tebow! He seems like such a great guy and a really hard worker. I think a lot of people will be pulling for him to succeed.

Donna said...

That newspaper quote is so funny! I'm not a big Wal-Mart fan myself. I love Target though!