Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Roosters, Hens, Chickens But Not...............

What?  It's Tuesday?  It's December 12th?
I am SO not ready for Christmas.  But at least I have some Christmas RaNDoM for you!
And if you can't get enough RaNDoM, go on over to Stacy's.  She's got MORE than enough for everyone.  She's the Hostess of RaNDoM!

* It wouldn't  be Christmas without the sound of an ornament falling from 10 feet and shattering!
And of course, it has to be one filled with some kind of toxic liquid.
I should have called Hazmat.  Who knows what they put in those snow globes.

* Yep, I did it!
The ladder has been poised in the family room for two weeks.
The tree has been lit and bedecked with beads and bows,
but nary an ornament has found it's way on the tree.
I STARTED decorating it last night.........in a skirt.
Yea me!

* I was unwrapping ornaments and came across this -
WTH?  A rooster in a canoe? This is HIDEOUS?  WHO brought this in to the house?
One look at the underside of the canoe and I saw "Garrett 2010"
I marched into my office, where Parker was taking a test.
"This is horrible! Why did Garrett pick this for his ornament last year? He is NEVER allowed to pick ornaments again."
"Mom, you are disturbing the testing center. Please!"

* Several ornaments later.  I unwrapped this -
Oh my gosh!  What is wrong with my children?
I looked at the bottom of the cock's rooster's feet and saw "Parker 2010."

I march in to my office the "testing center" and proclaimed,
"YOU are not allowed to buy any ornaments either!"
"Mom, it's cool! What did Trammell buy?"
"I don't know, but it was probably something mature!"

Trammell  2010
* Not mature, but WAY more classy! Who can argue with a colorful glass cock rooster.

I marched in to my own office one more time.
"What is wrong with you guys? This isn't holidayish?  This is ridiculous!  Don't think I don't know EXACTLY what you boys were thinking."
It's times like this that being the only child home is SO much fun!
"You all bought roosters.  That's NOT funny!"
"But mom, we're the cocks Coxes!"

Merry Christmas from the Cocks Coxes!


Andrea said...

Hehe, ahh, life with boys!

I do like the last one, very nice. We have a Weinermobile that plays the theme song of Oscar Meyer. :)

Mama Badger said...

I LOVE them! It was a theme year (what did your husband buy???)

Kristine said...

I think it was cute actually. Not my personal taste having livestock on the tree but it's still funny. They are thinkers!! LOL

Rachael said...

HAHA!!! Your boys are hilarious!!!

Danelle said...

If only you could find a Christmas card with a rooster, and sign it Merry Christmas from the Cocks.

Andrea said...

You had me alarmed for a second, as it is Tuesday the THIRTEENTH! Oh, I love the roosters! I wonder what this year will bring!

Julianna said...

I just have to share this.

The other day I over heard Youngest say "Boys have a twinkie and girls have cupcakes." to Oldest.

Is it wrong that I totally died laughing?

Then of course, discussed that we are not allowed to refer to baked goods like that.

Sally said...

That's hysterical!!! You do realize that you are living Jodi's life with your three sons, right?? May they always be as much fun as Jenner, Jared, and Justin!!! Actually, the cocks are tame compared to something those three would dream up! :)

Sally said...

That's hysterical!!! You do realize that you are living Jodi's life with your three sons, right?? May they always be as much fun as Jenner, Jared, and Justin!!! Actually, the cocks are tame compared to something those three would dream up! :)

Donna said...

That is really really funny!
I hope you had a good Christmas! Happy New Year!

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