Friday, December 9, 2011


SOMEONE is hosting a little bit of fun!Mrs. 4444 is the QUEEN of Friday Fragments!
Go pay her a little visit!

* Meanwhile - can SOMEONE tell me why this was the LONGEST week known to man,
but it is already mid December and I haven't gotten ANYTHING done?
Is anyone else having technical difficulties with their calendar?

* SOMEONE is a little bit excited about getting married.
He's been engaged for 10 days and they have -
reserved the temple (okay that was done a month before they got engaged),
reserved the location for the reception,
planned and paid for the honeymoon,
hired a photographer,
and hired a videographer.

I should have had them organize my Christmas!
And maybe it would be done!

* Meanwhile, the youngest Cox is missing school today.
But it's for a important reason.
He's at the State Cheerleading Competition.
SOMEONE has to support the cheerleaders!

* SOMEONE at our house has not even started Christmas shopping.
But I that someone is going to start AND FINISH it today/tonight.

* Where are those Christmas elves?
I need them to come on over and decorate the house!
More than decorate, SOMEONE needs to put away the bubble wrap, bins, paper, and bows that are ALL over the floor.
And for heaven's sake, can SOMEONE put away the ladder that has dominated the family room for two weeks?
But before you put it away, go ahead and decorate the tree.
Evidently, it's not going to decorate itself.

* Just for the record -
I would prefer that ALL my storage bins match and are of a neutral non-holiday color - like blue or gray.
SOMEONE thought it would be a good idea to have orange bins with black lids for Halloween decor and red bins with green lids for Christmas decor and spring green for Easter.
Well, it WOULD be a good idea unless SOMEONE puts the Glitter Corn in a red bin with a green lid.
Glitter Corn is NOT a Christmas decoration! What color would a Thanksgiving bin be?

* Oh, I have HIGH hopes for this weekend..........
like cleaning the house,
writing a talk for church,
getting in the Christmas SPIRIT,
finishing the Christmas decorations,
Christmas shopping,
making Christmas cookies and maybe trying my hand at some toffee and other candy.
Don't distract me!!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Andrea said...

I will keep it brief as not to distract you too much...good luck!

clearness said...

Yes, my calendar is having some major technical difficulties. I screwed up Christmas Portraits 2011 big time. Scheduled the portrait session last week thinking that I'd send them off in the mail before the ink on the paper dried but I was wrong! This place that we went to, they do proofs. So right around Christmas EVE! we will get our proofs, then we will order our prints and a few weeks later the prints will be in...ggrrrr Technical Difficulties!

Rachael said...

I like the colored bins. My Thanksgiving is tan, Halloween is orange and all Christmas is green and red. I think the others are all clear.

Sally said...

Gina - I'll get my tree done this weekend if you'll do yours!!!

Mrs4444 said...

When you finish all of that, be sure to start looking for your mother-of-the-groom dress!

I can't get past the ladder-in-the- family-room fragment; it says so much about you, and I LOVE that! My tree is naked, too. Maybe I'll at least do the lights this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good idea with the bins! I only decorate for one holiday though, Christmas... because I can't afford to for other ones and Christmas is my favourite. I decorate the Chrismas tree in October and then start with the smaller things like stockings and little bells at the start of November! Did I mention I love Christmas?

Rachael said...

I'd like to get into the Christmas Spirit too... I'm just not there yet for whatever reason. Good luck!

Unknown Mami said...

Color coded storage boxes would be far to regimented for me. Hope you get much done in the very near future.

Katya kate said...

You seemed to be really very busy! Good luck to all of them! Have a great weekend!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I love all the color coded plastic bins, but it's true, you've got to put the right stuff in the right boxes to make it work!

I don't have my tree up nor any decorations. We're going away for a week in a few hours, so I'm not sure if my tree is ever going to get put up.

Smellyann said...

Your fragments cracked me up! I hope SOMEONE gets their Christmas prep done in time to relax and enjoy it! ;)

Julianna said...

This SOMEONE suggested that it would be good to color code. Because this SOMEONE puts her Thanksgivng in brown/toupe bins.

Now Valentine's stuff... that's a crap shoot. It often gets mixed with Christmas, as the lids are not red, but the botooms are and often that is all she can see in the attic.

I kept thinking that we had 3 weeks left. UGH.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I hope you have many things checked off of your list by now and you gave a great talk at your Temple. I have a long way to go to catch up but Wow my husband a a few grandkids decorated:)

Doreen McGettigan said...

I hope you have many things checked off of your list by now and you gave a great talk at your Temple. I have a long way to go to catch up but Wow my husband a a few grandkids decorated:)

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