Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Traditions - Cookies

Let me just get this out there first thing - The pictures on this post are not of MY COOKIES. We've eaten all the cookies. And the crazy thing about cookie making is that when you are in the middle of creaming two pounds of butter and your kitchen is in a powdered sugar haze, the last thing you think of is , "WAIT! I need to take pictures for my blog!"

With that being said, the pictures represent the cookies that we made (and ate), only ours look and taste better! ;)

So, just like many households, one of our traditions is cookie baking. The problem with our tradition is that it is not a one time event. We do not set aside one day or one evening to make tons of cookies. Starting December 1st, we just start baking whenever we feel like it or we have a free half hour.

We do have family favorites that we make over and over. I mean over and over the same holiday season. Like Snowballs
We have made and eaten three double batches of these so far and I'm feelin a craving comin on! So these might be on order for tonight. It's not Christmas without consuming at least 1,000 of these.

Another family favorite with everyone (except Brian) is Molasses Cookies.
The only difference between the ones pictured is that we frost them with Buttercream Frosting and then add holiday sprinkles. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" than holiday sprinkles! And sometimes when we're feeling extra holidayish, we actually roll the dough out, cut them into reindeer/gingerbread shapes and decorate them with frosting and cinnamon red hots. Call me Martha!
Brian and Parker love, love, love Pecan Tassies.
They are minature pecan pies. They are really easy to make and a reminder of case you didn't get enough pie then.
Almost everyone (those who are Bah Humbug about these shall remain nameless) loves Peanut Butter Blossoms
We usually make the traditional Christmas Sugar Cookies

But in order to save my sanity, we haven't tackled these yet this year. I am unable to just slap frosting on and call them good. I HAVE to frost them neatly and with multiple colors and then with coordinated sprinkles. Reindeers have to have eyes, snowmen have to have buttons and carrot shaped noses, bells with ringers and all the details of snowflakes spelled out with glittery sugar. We'll see if we get to these.

We also usually make Butter Spritz Cookies. But we haven't made these yet either because while I love the execessive butter in these, I don't like anything that is messy. All the food coloring, all the putting dough in the cookie press and cleaning it out. I just don't like that part. But these could be a possibility for tonight as well. Good thing I have 16 pounds of butter in the freezer!
We have made a couple of new cookie recipes this year: Chocolate Crackles, which is a testament to my love and devotion and self sacrificing nature because I hate chocolate and I ate 1/3 of a cookie. But Garrett and Parker really wanted them. Garrett calls them by their politically correct name; "Michael Jackson Cookies."
We also made a batch of Oatmeal Candy Cane Cookies which are excellent for breakfast with an ice cold Coke.

Holy Cow! We've made (and eaten) a lot of cookies and here it is the Sunday before Christmas with nary a cookie in the house! That stinks because without cookies, what do you eat for breakfast?

Special thanks to Margaret for letting me (well she didn't exactly let me cuz I never asked) steal her spritz cookie from her blog.


Melissa said...

Now what you need to make are my white chocolate candy cane drops that are on the last page in the cookie section of the ward cookbook. They are to die for. But make sure you put in 1/2 cup of butter. That got left out of the recipe, and it's kind of important. Good thing you have 16 pounds in the freezer.

Patty Edwards said...

Gina - I *need* the recipe for the chocolate crackles. (Not want, *need*.)I used to make those when I was a kid, but I have no recipe now. Please please please????

valerie said...

Your Chocolate crinkles look exactly like our Cottage cheese cookies! We love them and my oldest son asks for them for his bday instead of cake. We just at the last of our
2nd batch last night. All your cookies sound yummy!

Margaret said...

I had to laugh as I was reading your blog and came across the photo and your comment. I will always give you permission to use photos on your blog. I will even come over and photograph for you when you need it. These things are in article 3 paragraph 4 of the friendship contract. Have you not read the fine print?