Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not Quite a Retraction/Christmas Party Review

Melissa (in my ward and the person in charge of the program for the Ward Christmas Party) would like a retraction. While I cannot retract my previous comments because we all know that 9 out of 10 parties are like what I described, I can tell you my faithful readers (all two of you) what DID happen at the party. Melissa was very busy making sure the program came off without a hitch so she didn't see me. But I was there. And always one to go above beyond because I rely heavily on "works" for my eternal salvation, I brought not ONE pan of enchiladas but TWO. We arrived at 6:35 and the party was totally organized and dinner was READY to go. Unlike most ward parties 1) It started on time and 2) was totally organized. We do have a great activities committee in our ward. I liked how they had a table to the side, where you could go and make a Christmas card for a friend or neighbor. It was set up before, during and after the dinner so if you weren't visiting or whatever, you could just go over there and make a card. I loved that the program was short, spiritual and all the performers were really good. Nothing lame about the talent. The member of the bishopric did "invite" parents to keep their children with them and be respect the reverent nature of the program. MOST people did that. The parents who we were sitting with, had their 2 1/2 -3 year old sit on their laps. However, a lot of people didn't hear that comment (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt) or ignored it. I was toward the middle of the cultural hall and should have sat up was way quieter up there. But in the middle, children ran between the tables toward the back and then back to the middle. One group of children crawled around all of the tables and the poor little girl at our table was crying "I want to crawl. I want to crawl." But her parents wouldn't let her down. Melissa also mentioned that she would have preferred an adults only party but the powers that be wanted a family party. Of course, there is no activities committee on earth that wouldn't prefer an adults only party. But that is why Bishops are in charge, because they are about 1000 times more Christlike than the rest of us and see the big picture and know that Christmas parties aren't about food, adults, etc..........they are about fellowship, missionary work and helping children feel the Spirit. Just one of the many reasons I will never be bishop. So no retraction, because the party I described is more of the norm. But KUDOS to Melissa and the activities committee for a well-planned and executed party. KUDOS to the activities committee chairperson who did announce at the begining of the party, "Parents, please keep your children with you. Please keep your children from running in the halls." KUDOS to the couple who sat with us for not letting their little girl run around. That was hard. KUDOS to the bishop for following inspiration.


Melissa said...

THANK YOU for your semi-retraction. I was afraid to look around the cultural hall during the program because I didn't want to see the people who weren't paying attention and the kids who were running around. Would have totally bummed me out when I worked and planned so hard to have a spiritual program. But seriously, thank you for your kind words. (And I agree with your former post in that most ward parties are like that. But last night, I think was way better than most. Probably because there was no green jello for little fingers to poke).

Stacy said...

Sounds like a great time. Congrats, Melissa--even though I've never met you. I've been to both types. Ours wasn't bad this year, it just started way late and I was already tired. And there was no program. We decorated and filled Christmas stockings for a local charity. Ok...the boys decorated and we left before we filled. Yeah...I'm just there for the food.