Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why My House Isn't Decorated/ADD & Christmas/I Forgot What I'm Posting About

My friend Margaret called and asked, "What are you doing?"

Me: "I'm walking between the dryer, my computer and the Christmas tree."

She started choking on laughter, so I thought I better provide more detail -

"Now that the tree is up and is lit, beaded, berried and bowed...........Wow! that's a lot of B's, and it's ready for ornaments, I thought I might pull out the garland for the stairs but I hate how fake needles get all over."

Wait! What did I just say? I don't think that made it any more clear!
I am afflicted with December onset ADD!
There's so much to do - all the regular Seminary, family, household stuff combined with baking, decorating, presenting (that includes, thinking about, shopping, returning, hiding, wrapping, mailing, delivering), and celebrating.

Until yesterday, I didn't realize that the advent calendars weren't out. Perhaps we should simplify and not do the felt one, the individual chocolate ones and since the kids are teenagers, we can probably forgo the Lego one and the Playmobil one. And you know what, while we are skipping things, let's skip Christmas cards (oh, we already do).

I guess what I was trying to tell Margaret is that when Christmas induced ADD sets in, I float between all the tasks, never really completing any one in particular. There is so much to do! You can't do everything! Something has to give.

But what came out was "I'm standing on top of a ladder in front of the Christmas tree in my short skirt, hose and heels with a stack of laundry.........let's go to lunch."


valerie said...

lol That was sooo me yesterday. Baking cookies for YW's, wrapping presents, and doing laundry. I think I might have to borrow your Christmas ADD excuse. ;)

Blogging Mama said...

I don't even know where my Christmas stuff is. In the basement or the dungeon as I call it. I won't go down there for anything.
And yet we have guests coming in a mere 14 days and I really have no idea where anything is (and scarily don't care much either). I could use the excuse that we moved after last Christmas so I don't really know where anything is.

But then again, we move a lot so that's an old excuse...

And don't listen to Valerie - she's my sis so I can say, even though I won't be there this year, I can guarantee her place is lit up all Christmassy, just like every year (and probably has been for awhile now!)

Tricia said...

I love your crack me up! thanks for the award nomination. I will get on it.

and I swear I have the same problem....laundry, tree, computer......round and round and round.....argh! lol. stopping only for a diet coke now and then. even after reading the article about caffeine in this month's ensign.