Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spreadin' the Love

I received this lovely little blog award. I love blog awards!!! I love awards. Wait. Maybe I shouldn't say that YET.
There are two rules that come with receiving this award: 1) You must blog about SEVEN things you like and 2) and you must spread the love by passing the award on.
SO - SEVEN THINGS I LOVE: Who wants to write about seven things you like?
ONE: BUTTER! I love Butter. I hoard butter. I start to panic if there are less than 10 pounds of butter in my freezer at any given time. Bread and rolls and crackers are merely vehicles to get butter to my mouth. I have never purchased margarine. Butter is the BEST!
TWO: BOOKS! I love to read! My idea of a fantasy vacation or how to spend a free day would be to sit on the beach and read, or sit in my room and read or just read anywhere. I always read before I go to bed to unwind. I love to read fiction, especially historical or period fiction. I don't read any "pulp" fiction, well except for something like John Grisham. Oh, and I haven't read Twilight.
THREE: TEENAGERS! I love teenagers, even naughty ones! Teenagers ROCK!
They entertain me. I do have hope for the future...kind of.
FOUR: SNOW! Really! I mean, why would I live in Colorado if I didn't like snow. I like it when it starts in the late Fall and I like it when it ends in the Spring. I like driving in it. My favorite part is be awakened by silence in the middle of the night and you can just hear it snowing. It is soooooo quiet, that without looking out the window, you can tell that because all the usual sounds are muted, the ground is covered in snow. I like blizzards and snow days the best!
FIVE: COOKIESANDCOKE! Yeah that is one word. You can't have cookies without the ice cold Coke. I have been know to travel to foreign countries and go to every bakery in a town and buy five or six cookies at every one. Then I stick them all in my purse, go back to the hotel, sit on the bed, crack open a coke, eat two or three and throw all the rest away and start over the next day. Typically, my breakfast consists of cookiesandcoke with a side of bacon.
SIX: THE SUPER FLUFFY! We call our bed the SuperFluffy. For the first 22 years of marriage, (but who's counting?) we had a queen size bed. We called it The Fluffy because it had a down bed on it and a down comforter and a plethora of down pillows. It was heaven. We moved it to the guest room and upgraded to a king size bed, but we made it just as fluffy, if not more. If you come visit me, I'll invite you to climb on up and hang out on the SuperFluffy. There's only way thing better than hanging out on the SuperFluffy and that is reading a good book and having cookiesandcoke in the SuperFluffy.
SEVEN: BLOGGING! This is an outlet for all the silly, ridiculous, crazy things that happen in life. Ands it's a great excuse for not folding laundry or finishing the Christmas decorating!
So join with me in celebrating blogging and blogging awards as I pass the award to Tricia at and Melissa at You go girls! Spread the love!


valerie said...

lol Glad you like your award and who knew someone could love butter that much? :)

Tricia said...

lol....thanks Gina. I appreciate the award. i will get on it. just as soon as i think of seven more things i love besides the fifty i just listed on my thanksgiving list. i might have left of, like, diet coke or something. ;)

and sorry about your sheet. and the blue sno-cone juice in your water bottle. what the heck?! lol. oh my gosh, and the rug!

what in the world were you doing ironing sheets anyway? please post about it.

is this something i should have been doing all along?