Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gotta Love Boys! I went to wake Parker up and I found THIS in the middle of the hallway outside of his room.

Yeah, my curiosity was a litle piqued. I mean, when I handed it to him right before he was going sledding on Friday, it wasn't....................BURNED!

I have a really good imagination! It's not hard for me to picture him burning the hat outside with a magnifying glass or a pop bottle rocket or hey - an old fashioned match. But this tops that!

So I wake Parker up (always best to catch them off guard).

"What happened to this hat?"
"That hat?"
"Yeah - what happened to the hat?"

"Oh.......that.........well I gave it to Dawson to wear and he didn't want to wear it. So I tried to throw it back up the stairs to my room, but it got caught on the light."

"The light?"
"Yeah - the light."
"What light?"
"The light out there."
"Out there.......outside my room."

I look out of his room and down the hall. I'm lost.

"What light?"
"Look left."

I look right and look over the banister into the family room.

"No left Mom. The light coming up the stairs."
"The light coming up the stairs?"

This little light?
"It could have started a housefire!"
Hmmm.......what else was there to say?


valerie said...

Oh boy! (smiling behind my hand) What DOES go through their minds anyway?

smarkuci said...

OK, now I really know what I have to look forward to! ---SM

Stacy said...

I can totally see one of my boys doing this. In'll probably happen in the next few years.