Friday, December 12, 2008

In a typical series of unfortunate events, I scorched my bedsheet.

I was ironing my sheets. (We'll not discuss WHY. That's a whole different post).

I have a special (as in clean) water bottle that I spritz the sheets with to make them easier to iron. The little misting button on the iron does not do it for me.

I set up the ironing board.

I plugged in the iron.

I went to the closet to get the water bottle ................. and it wasn't there.

Now this is not altogether shocking.

It's been missing the time the boys got it down to squirt the babysitter. But they are older now, they don't need a little old squirt bottle to spray each other with.

The water bottle was no where to be found.

I looked and looked and looked.

Oh, whadda ya know! It was next to the hot tub.

Of course! That makes TOTAL sense


Yes, we had a mini snow storm that dumped six inches of fresh powder.
The boys were in the hot tub and thought, "What could be cooler than fresh powder sno-cones? And we barely have to get out of the hot tub to enjoy them!"

That's right, just lie back in the hot tub, squirt some snow next to the hot tub with syrup and then ................I don't know???? Lap it up? Pick it up with your hands???

I didn't ask.

Call me crazy, but I decided against trying to empty the water bottle and clean out the BLUE sno-cone SYRUP.

I got the container that came with the iron, filled it with water to fill the resorvoir, and set the container on the ironing board.

In one false move, I knocked the full container of water over onto the wool, oriental rug (don't ask). Set the iron DOWN, yeah face down. (Why?) and ran to get a towel. I'm a fast runner. Just seconds later I realized my error............I should have never had kids!


Melissa said...

Oh man, I'm crying again!

{Amy} said...

This all comes back to ironing the sheets, Gina!!! Don't iron!!! LOL

Blogging Mama said...

Snow cone syrup! It's ingenious no doubt :)

For FRANKS Sake said...

LOL! You are cracking me up girl! All because you had to iron those sheets!

Don and Kelley said...

I am laughing so hard. Sorry, but this is something I can relate to.