Thursday, December 4, 2008

You NEVER knew you NEEDED to KNOW this

The Grammy Nominations were announced today. I don't watch TV, so I don't care about Emmys. I don't go to that many movies, so I don't care about Oscars. But I DO listen to music. I have very discerning taste too!
So here's more than you ever wanted to know.

Kanye West received 6 nominations.

Lil Wayne received 8 nominations.

Now if we were voting on HOTNESS, Kanye would win hands down!!!!

Kanye is good. He has contributed a lot to the music scene. However, he
recently told US Magazine (and who doesn't pay attention to them?) that he was "the music of this generation." He then proceeded to say that Justin Timberlake was a close 2nd but he hadn't come out with anything in two years. Seriously???? Hey over yourself! Kanye, you're good but you're NOT THAT GOOD! Also, Kanye is a sore loser. He throws tantrums at nearly every awards show. Get some class Kanye. (Look at Lil Wayne...he has class! ;) Yuk!)

Now Kanye HAS gotten ripped off in the past, but hey, look at Susan Lucci. Did she throw a tantrum when she DIDN'T get an Emmy for 20 of the 21 times she was nominated. So take a page from her book.

Now, my analysis of Lil Wayne. I love him. The guy is a straight up thug. He's disgusting to look at. Oh, and he doesn't even have a good voice. I have to hand it to him (or his agent) though. He has more songs or songs featuring him playing on the radion than Ne-Yo, TI, Kanye and Luda combined. Really! He derves credit for getting EVERY artist to let him sing a verse or a line in their song. And if I were voting, which I don't know if I am, cuz they haven't contacted me yet, but if I were voting, I would give him record/album/CD whatever of the year.

You know who I wouldn't give it to? MIA for Paper Planes. They really stink. They can't sing! And they have ONE OVERPLAYED SONG! Okay so the song plays in Iraq and France and Mexico and China...........but this isn't about them. So give them the Best Global Song Award. Not Album of the Year.

You didn't know that I was so musically inclined did you?

Oh and if you are reading this and you are over 23 and you have NO IDEA what I am talking about, listen to my new playlist!!!! You'll see!!!!


Melissa said...

Well, thank you for educating me. I just see dumb things that Kanye says all the time, but I had no idea what he actually sounded like. Or Lil Wayne. I am so not up on current music. I think you should add more to your playlist.

Blogging Mama said...

Umm, yeah, I've heard of the first two (as in their names) but they aren't my scene at all. I'm more of a Dave Matthews and Brandon Heath and Anna Nalick kind of gal.

Melissa said...

Hey, I figured you wouldn't want your blog on a list, and that's totally o.k. But I know there are a bunch more out there who probably would, so I was just making sure I got everybody who wanted to be on the list.

Stephdeezy said...

What a do!Aww I'm so excited you have music on your blog now. Can I tell you how excited I was when I saw what you were blogging on?! And now others are being educated on you know grillz and stuff.

valerie said...

I'm more of a rock n roll kind of gal. Lil Wayne just looks...GROSS!

missty said...

Gina! You crack me up!!

smarkuci said...

Hmmm...Do you remember that there was a time, uh-hmmm, when you made fun of Justin, Jared, and me for listening to this "kind of *@?!!*?!" music?!?!? Welcome to the club! :) ---SM