Saturday, November 7, 2009


You know what I am thankful for today?

I am SOOOO THANKFUL that Trammell loves his mission.
He is so HAPPY!

Of course, I wish he was coming home from Christmas.
Yes, I miss texting him obscure song lyrics.
Sure, it's not the same without him.
Yeah, we wish we could talk to him.

But I would NEVER take away the awesome experience he is having.
It is life changing.
He will never be the same.
We really, really liked him before.
But he's going to be that much more incredible.

I'm so thankful he's on a mission!


valerie said...

:) He is luck to have you as his mom.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Great pictures :)

If I could ask you to do a post? I'm not Mormon (but my sister is, hehe - I love saying that) what exactly do they do on a mission?
(You may have covered it but I'm feeling to tired to look it up.)

Dispell the crazy door knocking bible salesman myth for me?