Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Gizzards, Becoming Stupider and Vicodin!


I LOVE Thanksgiving!  It might be my favorite holiday.
What's not to love about consuming 4,000 calories and then sitting around watching movies?

Combine Thanksgiving with RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaYand what do you get?
It' pretty random!

Check out my Thanksgiving Random and then go see Keely at The Unmom to check her's out and then write you own and link up.

* Yesterday, I went to the grocery store.  I was circling the parking lot for the second time when it occurred to me -"Wait! I'm here for Vicodin!"  I hadn't brought the prescription, so I circled right on back home.

* I wonder how many other people wish they were on Vicodin for the holiday weekend?

* Garrett came in last night and announced:
"Tomorrow, I lose my wisdom.
I'll be four times stupider."
Wow - I can't wait!

* Yeah - he CHOSE to get his wisdom teeth taken out today.  He hates Thanksgiving food.  The only thing he upset about is that he doesn't get the teeth pulled until AFTER school.  Yep - he still has to go to Calculus.  That hurts!

* He thinks he will be recovered enough to play in the annual Turkey Bowl on Thursday morning.  Well, if he gets injured, at least we already have the drugs!

* So when I went back to the grocery store, I STILL had to circle the lot looking for a spot.  You'd think it was a holiday!  Then, all the carts were gone.  Everyone was multigenerational shopping.  I was the only "single" in the store.  Everyone was shopping with Grandma or Uncle Phil or the college kids who came back.  I admit - I was a little jealous that I didn't have anyone coming home from college to eat some cheese ball.  Not going to lie!  Next year though.  Next year!

* So everyone else was buying up all the turkeys and whipping cream.  Their carts were heavily laden.  I bought 6 kinds of soup, applesauce, pudding, 3 kinds of ice cream, 3 kinds of juice, yogurt, fruit for smoothies, and 2 bags of frozen peas for ice packs..........oh, and the Vicodin.  I am the BEST mom in the whole world!

* You know when you clean out the turkey and you have that lovely packet of important turkey parts and that cute neck?  Does anyone really eat those?  I have the BEST stuffing recipe that calls for chopping those up, sauteing them in butter and adding them to the stuffing.  I add them right to the trash can.  Turkey gizzard and heart=DISGUSTING!

* When we aren't at the beck and call of The Patient, Parker and I are making pecan pies (among other things).  Mmmmm......that's just the kind of thing I eat for breakfast.

* Yesterday, I had triple berry pie with vanilla ice cream for breakfast. YUM!

* Enough already!  I hope everyone has a great Random Tuesday and a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends!

* Oh and don't forget - The BIG, BIG, REALLY BIG (faux) GIVEAWAY of the century looks like it's landing on Monday.  You seriously are NOT going to want to miss out!


I am Harriet said...

That stinks to go to the store for a pain killer on to have forgotten the Rx for it.
Have a great RTT!

Mama Badger said...

Can't wait for the contest!

My mom used to use the neck to make turkey soup for Black Friday. Gizzards? Nothing that sounds that gross should be eaten. Ever. Yucky.

valerie said...

My hubby and my mil fight over the gizzards to eat. GROSS I say. Love your randomness today. Hopefully the wisdomless boy will be feeling better soon. At least on Vicoden he should! :)

Guymons said...

William didn't have school this whole week, that's why we picked Monday....I didn't think of getting frozen peas for ice bags. William was supposed to ice 20 minutes on each side for 24 hours, he lasted about 1 hour, and that was with ice pack was wrapped in 4 thick paper towels, he hates ice. He probably wouldn't have done the peas either. Did you have to buy a perscription of antibiotics, too...and a mouth rinse? Our perscriptions were over $30 and didn't perscribe vicodin, they gave us a non narcotic pain killer, haha, so he wouldn't get addicted, I guess.

Ellie Belen said...

My goodness, I just realized that I should be circling the grocery parking lot right now.

I'm doomed to circle it again tomorrow, and the next day, because I am constantly forgetting something I need for Thanksgiving!

Amy said...

You mean to tell me that you only eat 4,000 calories & watch movies on Thanksgiving? Man you're really missing out. That's what we call the weekend at our house LOL. Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. I love the food.

This year I'm kind of bummed about not being able to eat my favorites, but I get to try some new things. I found a recipe that combines butternut squash, brown sugar and apples. Oh and instead of butter for pie crusts I'm going to try vegetable oil shortening.

Margaret said...

Gotta love the pain pills for Thanksgiving!

Terra H. said...

We both had the breakfast of champions yesterday. I ate pumpkin pie and strawberry fluff...and I didn't feel guilty for doing it. :)

martyeaster said...

I was wondering how much it would cost if I could rent Parker to come adn make my Thanksgiving. We are doing it ourself this year. Good luck with the teeth.

Mrsbear said...

My grandfather loves his turkey neck. Personally I don't eat internal organs or anything that's been packaged with them.

Good luck keeping your Dental victim happy during the holiday weekend. My husband was a hot mess when he had his pulled. Talk about whiny. It's not like he had a baby or anything. ;)

Happy RTT.

Melissa said...

Have you ever had chocolate pecan pie? Just throw a generous handful of chocolate chips into the mix before you bake. It is divine!

Design it Chic said...

Pain killer is your best friend when your wisdom teeth are going out:) oh and soup.. lots of soup :)
And i so totally hate turkey... we're having chicken instead.. stuffed chicken is always the best alternative:)
Happy RTT!

* my Randomness is up too:)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Come on, who doesn't love Vicoden? Dr. House made it so popular ya know.

I've decided (other than the 500 drs/teachers conference/errands today) I'm not leaving the house to go to the store till mid next week. There are people out there.

Happy RTT! (on Wednesday)

Raven said...

I hope Garret is feeling better from his extractions. I remember having my wisdom teeth out it sucked. The vicodin was nice though. lol

I don't know anyone who uses the gross turkey parts for anything. Yuck!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!