Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm a bloody mess and I'm guest blogging!

Thank heavens it's RTT - Random Thought Tuesday.

Celebrate with me!
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Hurry up already!

* I invited myself to guest post on Facts from a Fact Woman's Blog.
Yes you read that correctly.
She did not seek me out.
In the middle of cleaning out my freezer, I researched some great facts that I just had to share.
So I wrote a post and invited Margaret to post it ON HER BLOG.
Go take a look at my brilliance TOMORROW!  She assured me that it would post tomorrow.  Do you think she was just telling me that to make me go away?

* We were supposed to get between 6 and 12 inches of snow between Saturday night and Sunday evening.  In my fantasies, all twelve inches would fall out of the sky at once,
thus cancelling church and necessitating a pajama day.  Yeah - it didn't happen.

* Yesterday morning, I was shredding stuff and then decided to clean out the shredder- it's one of my favorite jobs.  In a sad shredder accident, I somehow cut my finger.  Instinct calls for immediately putting your finger in your mouth.  My blood tasted gross.  I wonder if that means anything?  Do you think your blood tastes different when you are sick, like when you have a serious disease?

* I went to my husband's office to "help."  We use that term loosely.  There is not a lot I am qualified to do there.  Nevertheless, even that became difficult when I received multiple file folder cuts (way more severe than normal paper cuts) and then my shredder finger kept bleeding on the documents.  I kept having to staunch the blood on my jeans and make new copies of the damaged documents.  Do you think I should file for workers' comp?

* The one good part about going to the office is that one of the employees brought in treats.  By "brought in treats," I'm not talking a dixie plate of chocolate chip cookies.  She brought a PLATTER (a big one) of mint brownies, peanut butter and chocolate thingies, chocolate cake, and three types of cookies for Brian.  Yeah, he and his partner each received their own platter!  I ate some there and took the whole platter home with me.  I should have bled on it so I wouldn't have to share.

* I'm going out to lunch with a friedn today to celebrate her 75th brithday.  She wants to go to this Chinese Food Buffet.  My connections at Tri County Health tell me that it will soon be shut down for numerous violations.  Ethically, do I have to tell her? Or should I just let her enjoy her meal?

* IF you have read this far, I'm sharing a secret with you.
This is like my 290th post.
That means that I am getting close to 300.
I'm going to have a huge giveway - a HUGE pretend GIVEAWAY.
You should see the stuff that shockingly, didn't sell at the Boy Scout Garage Sale this last weekend.
You're gonna LOVE it!  You're gonna want it!
And I would totally give it to you (if Brian hadn't already taken it to the Good Will.)
So, come back in like 10-14 days for the BIG, BIG, REALLY BIG pretend GIVEAWAY.

Happy, Happy Random!


martyeaster said...

Is there going to be any butter in this give away????

valerie said...

lol I was going to say what marty said! I think you should defintely go for workers comp. Those cuts can HURT! ;) Happy Tuesday!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

You definitely should file for worker's comp. Paper cuts are annoying - and more so when they're from file folders! Did you make funny red patterns on your jeans when you were staunching the blood on them? ;)

A really HUGE 'pretend' giveaway? That will be funny! :)

Happy RTT! :)

Amber and Lucas said...

You are so hilarious! I love reading your blogs! hoping for 300 more!

Small Town Mommy said...

I hate snow! We had one day of snow but it didn't stick. I am not looking forward to when it starts to stick.

Treats is one of the things I miss most about working in an office. I used to work in a doctor's office and patients were always bringing in treats.

Looking forward to the giveaway. I can't wait to pretend win your old junk!

Mama Badger said...

No, no snow on Sunday! Snow Monday through Friday, when it can cancel work. Then be sunny on Sunday so we can sled. Yeah.

File folder cuts are the worst. No kidding, I have a scar from one!

Can't wait for the faux sale. Bring on the madness.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Mint brownies? Recipe I can haz por favor?

Kaylen said...

I think that it's an ancient chinese secret to detect what is wrong with you by tasting your blood. Are you chinese? Maybe that's part of the secret.

Huge platters of homemade baked goods?? I work in the wrong office!!!

I love that you invited yourself to guest-post!! That's hilarious.

Raven said...

So did you get any snow? We've been anxiously awaiting snow but it's been over 50 degrees and we are getting impatient. Snow already!! I may have to take this up with Mother Nature directly.

I've never used a paper shredder. They scare me. I'm always afraid I'm going to lose a finger.

Treats. Nummy!

I don't know if I'd tell her or not. But then, I don't know if I could eat there knowing they might be shut down for violations.

Have a great day!