Monday, November 16, 2009

The Way to a Manchild's Heart - CHICKEN WINGS!

As a parent, you always appreciate the people in your children's lives who do for them what you cannot possible do -
like teach them Math, coach their team and TEACH THEM VIOLIN!

Bless Javan!

(sorry - I stole this pic from her facebook)
She has been Garrett's vioin teacher since he was in Kindegarten.
She has the patience of Job.
She should be sainted.
She has never raised her voice at Garrett, never gotten angry, never hit him and never bludgeoned him with a club, or choked him with her bare hands - all things I have done or thought about doing.

Javan's equally wonderful husband, Kenny usually cooks dinner and watches their children while Javan gives lessons in the evening.  A couple of weeks ago, Kenny made wings.  Garrett invited himself to eat with them.

Garrett came home RAVING about how awesome they are.
And you know that Garrett KNOWS what good wings are.
I called Javan for the recipe but didn't get a hold of her.

Last week, Garrett went to violin wher Kenny and Javan presented him with
THE INGREDIENTS to make the wings.

How excited was Garrett when he got home?

And now we'll share
Kenny's Famous Wings.

Read the instructions.
It's obvious that Kenny and Javan know Garrett well.  REALLY WELL!

How to make wings at home:


*Chicken wings or drummettes
*Spongefoot trading company original wing sauce (go to whole food they have tons of cool sauces to try)
*BBQ rub – don’t use too much
*Liquid smoke – hickory

Warning – You will need to set your iphone down for some of this. Your hands will be greasy and slimy and that does not work well with the touchscreen. The girlfriends can wait for their texts, you are learning to cook which is essential to keeping girlfriends in the future.

How to do it:

1. Get Parker to do it.
2. Take wings out of package and rinse and pat dry. (This is raw chicken so keep your hands clean and don’t stick them in your mouth.) Put in big bowl.
3. Check your day trades on your iphone
4. Sprinkle BBQ rub on the wings
5. Squirt some liquid smoke on them – about 10 shakes or so
6. Let it sit for 20 minutes or longer if you can
7. Fire up the grill
8. Get grill hot and then knock it down to about1/4 the heat
9. Spray something on the grill so the wings do not stick
10. Put wings on using tongs
11. Grill one side for about 4 minutes and flip if they look brown or a little bit of charring on them – about 4 minutes on the other side
12. Have a big bowl – a clean one ready with some of the wing sauce in it. Toss the wings a few at a time and put back on the grill for about 2 minutes.
13. Take off the grill and put in a big bowl again and put some more wing sauce on the wings.
14. Chow down.

You are the best Javan!
You have done for Garrett something I could never have done.
You have been an integral part of his life.
I can never pay you back and I can never thank you enough.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Raven said...

My daughter plays the violin too and she loves it. Her teacher isn't as awesome as Garret's though.

Those wings sound nummy!!

valerie said...

lol. Love it. I'm glad that Garrett has such a terrific teacher that even shares her wing recipe. :)

Patty Edwards said...

The boy is day trading? For real? I hope he watches the replays of Fast Money Half Time Report and Fast Money every day from CNBC! ;-)