Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm An Auditory Disciplinarian and I'm Proud of It!

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But I would like to add one tidbit - that I admittedly didn't know when I wrote my brilliant post:
Breast milk will stay "good" in the freezer for 6 months.
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Okay soooo...One of the Bonehead Brothers and I had a little misunderstanding this weekend.
I said, "Clean your bathroom."
He put away his toothbrush, straightened the 20 colognes and threw away the empty Slim Jim box.
Voila! Done!

For some reason he thought I was crazy when I explained that "Clean your bathroom" means
* clean up all toothpaste blobs
* clean all the pee off the toilet
* clean the mirror
* remove all clothing and towels from the floor......etc.

Well, YOU know what clean the bathroom is!!!  I don't have to tell YOU!

Actually, he knows too.
Nice try though.

So as he passed my office with the cleaning supply bucket and the toilet brush held over his head like the Queen of England's sceptor, he said,
"I'm going to go put this in Parker's ear."

"No.........just leave him alone."

Just seconds later,
I hear Garrett singing the "JAWS" theme:
"Duh Dum.   Duh Dum, Duh Dum, Duh Dum"
Then, I hear Parker in the family room:
"Get that away from me. Stop it!"

Me: "Garrett!  Cut it out!
Garrett: "I'm not doing anything!  Just because you hear him yelling, you assume I'm doing something....

I'm laughing!  What?

Garrett: "Yeah - you hear laughing and you assume we are doing something wrong.  You hear screaming and you assume we are getting in trouble.  You hear nothing and you make us get up and go do some chore.  You hear video games and you make us go do homework."

He's right!
I'm disciplining based on what I HEAR!
He's right!
I'm an Auditory Disciplinarian.

He's brilliant - don't tell him!


Don and Kelley said...

That is awesome, "auditory disciplinarian!" I love it! Aren't we all?

valerie said...

lol It's true. The kids are always saying how can you tell what we are doing if you are in another room? Well now I'll have a good answer!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I love your method. It works!!! I'm a verbal disciplinarian, I just yell.

McMom said...

I never knew what my discipline method was called until now. I have three boys myself, and I think "auditory discipline" might just be the best way to deal with them . . . because they make SO much noise!

Melissa said...

I'm an auditory disciplinarian, too. Like, when I hear the toilet lid slam,I run and take the cup of water out of Kate's hand and say, "No no no no!"

Terra H. said...

Auditory Disciplinarian....That's a new one! I like it!