Thursday, November 19, 2009


Monday night as we sat around the dinner table enjoying each other's company, Garrett and Parker "remembered" that their Operation Christmas Child box was due in leadership the next day.

What a glorious opportunity!

They went to WalMart armed with a list of items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, crayons and socks.
Each student is to purchase all the items on the list, pack them in a shoe box and bring it and $7 for shipping to send to a needy child.

I texted Garrett about the time they arrived at WalMart with a friendly reminder:
"Please be reasonable and try not to spend a lot of money."

His response: "Duh"

They arrive home loaded down with bags.
I see the receipt poking out of the first one.

I snatch it out of the bag.
The boys stand frozen...........holding the bags.

tthbrsh                $1.29
tthbrsh                $1.29
tthpste                $3.59
tthpste                $3.59
cryns                   $1.00
cryns                   $1.00
str wrs bk            $1.00
str wrs bk            $1.00

So all looks very reasonable.

colring bk            $1.00
colring bk            $1.00
mb car                $1.00
mb car                $1.00
mb car                $1.00
mb car                $1.00
nrf swrd            $10.00
nrf swrd            $10.00
bys scks...............WAIT! WHAT?

I pause in my perusing.  $10?  What was $10?  Some socks?  A pack of T-shirts?  WAIT.......


They bought TWO NERF SWORDS!

I'm no dummy! THOSE won't fit in a shoe box!

"You bought Nerf Swords?"
"We needed them."
"You guys are idiots."
"Yeah - we got them cuz we're having a sword fight later."

May you fight to the death.
Just don't get any blood on the carpet.


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

LOL! You have to video the 'fight'. I never send my husband (cause my kids are too little as of yet) to the store without implicit instructions 'not to buy crap we don't need'.

Inevitably, he does anyway :)

valerie said...

It must be a guy thing! Hubby always comes home with more than was on the list. One time he offered to go grocery shopping and I was like not on your life!

Raven said...

LOL! Gotta love how they slipped those in there!

You have an award at my blog!

Have a great Friday.

Lewis Family said...

I have several boys at my house who want these. I think we'll be adding them to our arsenal for Christmas. ~Emily

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Only you could decipher that code with no clues in 2 seconds flat. Let's hope they kill each other.