Monday, March 14, 2011

Angel VS Demon

Remember when I babysat my favorite 2 year old last Monday?

I had to take him with me to a board meeting at a restaurant.
It was a legitimate meeting that I could not blow off or  just get up and leave if ANGEL FACE decided he'd had enough.

So I prepped him.
Before we left,
I told him where we were going and that I expected him to be good.
I defined "good" for him.
"You're going to sit in your chair and eat chicken and lettuce.  You aren't going to get down and run around."
He sat solemnly in his car seat as I reviewed the expectations and what good looked like.

He was positively PERFECT!
He sat in his high chair and ate chicken fingers and salad.
He looked at books and drew on the financials....
for an HOUR and A HALF!

Okay - so I admit that half way through lunch when I offered him the kiddy cup with water, he said, "No. Coke." and I gave it to him.
Also, because he had eaten his entire lunch, I did give him bites of apple pie and ice cream.
But seriously - 90 minutes of sitting quietly and eating, drawing and reading!

Later, I checked in with his sister to see how the night had gone.
"He was a DEMON!" she proclaimed.
"No!  What happened?"
Evidently, they went to dinner at another family's house and within FIVE minutes of their arrival, he managed to locate a Blue Sharpie and draw all over a wall and HIS FACE.
(This is the next day....after a bath and a shower)
Still, isn't he the cutest DEMON you have ever seen?
I asked him, "Do we color on our faces with marker?'
Innocently: "Yes."
"No, we don't color on our faces.  That is naughty!"


Paula said...

Could be worse. My lovely, now in college, got a pair of scissors, cut all of her Barbie doll's hair (Belle and Mary Poppins, if I recall), and gave herself a good trim to boot. Could have killed hubby about then. He was in charge of watching her that day, as I was studying for law school finals. The next day, right before I took her to the beauty salon to have them do what they could do, she drew all over her face with black marker. I naturally took her pic. But hey, we had washable markers back then. Tell mom of the little angel that this is the way to go!

valerie said...

My lovely little angel shaved his eyebrow once when he was 4, right before family pictures were suppose to be done. If I recall he was under daddy's watch then too. Glad your little angel was soo good for you! :)

Canadian Blend said...

My buddy's daugher took a Sharpie to his kitchen once (while his wife was out). Luckily we were able to get most of it off counters, the tables and the fridge with fingernail polish remover.

Raven said...

I can relate to this one. My Midget was, and still is, like Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde. She loved to get into stuff. Her favorite was to color all over the walls with my lipstick, and I wear dark lipstick. Then one night she mixed together, cool whip, shampoo, coke, and honey, and painted my kitchen cupboards with it.

He is so adorable, Sharpie and all!

The Crazy Coxes said...

You guys are cracking me up. I'm noticing a trend that the kids do this when the men are in charge!!!

Paula - yeah, washable markers would definitely help.

Valerie - luckily he didn't cut himself. Did you "pencil" an eyebrow back in? ;)

Canadian - it's always funny when it's someone else's child and kitchen!

Raven - That concoction sounds horrible to get off cupboards. She's lucky you didn't kill her!

Danelle said...

My youngest is like that when I'm around, but for every one else, he's an angel. I'm still shocked when all his teachers tell me how well behaved he is. Or maybe its relieved.

P.S. I got me a corned beef!

Julianna said...

Um, Still siding with angel...

An HOUR AND A HALF? My kids can't sit still for a minute and a half even when I pay them... and they are nine and ten.

And, blue Sharpie is really in this year.

MikeD said...

Ok, I have to admit, he IS angelic. Blue is so 5 mins ago, today it's red. But don't worry, the artistic impulse is there. Today he colored the computer keyboard, the stainless dishwasher (now stained), jared's ipod, and AGAIN, his face... Still no amount of marker could detract from his cuteness!
NaNa has the magic touch!