Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Holy cow!  Look at the calendar!
It's TueSDaY AND it's a new month.
Two things to get excited about.

Go on over to The Un Mom and thank Keely
and then get your RaNDoM on!

I've heard a lot - overheard, spied and eavesdropped on a lot of conversations.
Well and I've actually talked to some people too!
Some of the things I've heard -

* "I get along really well with everyone until they don't do things my way."

* A driver was picking a friend up to go somewhere.
As they were backing out of the friend's driveway,
the driver started yanking on the seatbelt and fastening it.
"Oh sorry I don't have my seat belt on yet, I was too busy texting on the way here."

* Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.  Talk about saying idiotic things.  Have you heard Charlie Sheen this week? Every time he opens his mouth, it gets worse.

* Remember last week, when I said that Trammell's phone suddenly lost service and it was like "he lost a lung?'
He read that blog post and sent this text:
"I just read your blog!  Lose a lung huh?  You are totally villainizing me!
There is no way that I am that over dramatic!
I am NEVER over dramatic!!!!!!!

He was being facetious of course.
I love kids with a sense of humor!

* Parker was sick this weekend and spent the entire time on the couch playing "Words with Friends" and watching SpongBob and ICarly. 

Me: "How do you decide whether to watch Spongebob or ICarly when they are both on at the same time?"
P: "Whichever is better.  And that's usually Spongebob!"

Yes.  He's 16.

* Oh and I don't even need to listen to a full conversation or have a full conversation.
I can read minds.

Parker was sitting in the kitchen eating crab legs.
P: "Oh hey, do we have any seaweed?"
Me: "Do we look like we would have seaweed?  I know where you are going and NO, you aren't making homemade sushi.
P: "Hmmm....do we still have any of those won ton wrappers?"
Me: "NO! You aren't making any crab/cream cheese wontons either.  Just eat the crab!"

Well, enough TALK!
Have a great day!


Raven said...

LOL Your kids crack me up. So do you! You rock!

Happy Tuesday!

Raven said...

Oh, I was first. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Your boys always make me excited for when mine grow up. I have at least 10 years to go with my eldest until he's a teen but he says some pretty awesome stuff now too. Happy Tuesday!

Lynette said...

Gotta say...Parker had the right idea. Come on over..I have seaweed!

Pat Hatt said...

Yes Charlie Sheen as gone nuts, next he'll be sniffing butts.
I wouldn't put it past him, as he seems quite dim.
Seaweed just seems so nasty to eat, it has no meat.
Watching someone eat it might be neat, although I'd be in a different seat.
The smell might scare this cat away, oh well I'd be back another day.
Nice little blog you have here, I'll be back I fear.

Kris said...

Charlie Sheen has become a train wreck...

Happy RTT!

Melanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Happy RT!

Captain Dumbass said...

Crab/cream cheese wontons? That is brililant!

Christina said...

I had crab and cream cheese wontons last night. Parker obviously has good taste!

Julianna said...

I heard they're putting seaweed in cupcakes now. :)

I have heard so many things this week... most of them, I'd like to forget.

SONZ said...

Hey, I have recordings of all the cartoons I watched as a kid... its a great comfort when Im feeling down..and Im 24... :)

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am just jealous you have crab legs at your house to eat!! Lucky you!

Hilary said...

This...was hysterical!!! ALL of it! I am still laughing!