Monday, March 21, 2011

Work Avoidance!

I'll do anything to avoid writing the obituary!
That is my job this morning.

But while I am stalling, I will share some pics with you.
 Justin at about 2 years old.
Jared & Justin........brothers, but more importantly, best friends!

Justin & Cousin Jonnie

Justin & Jared and their busses

Jared & Justin at cousin Amanda's wedding

Justin & Jared taking all dignity away from the wedding. ;)

Justin and Stephanie and their sweet boys!

What a full and wonderful life!


Rebecca Jo said...

I have thought about you all weekend! Have told others your story & asked for more prayers for your family...

Mama Badger said...

I wish there was something I could say that would make it better. What a beautiful family you have.

Raven said...

I've been thinking of you. What beautiful pictures. You have an amazing family. I wish there were words that would take your pain away.

valerie said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us Gina. Hugs.

Danelle said...

I've been organizing some old family photos this weekend and thinking about what priceless treasures they are. So thank you for sharing these treasures with us.

Andrea said...

You have to love boys who once owned a VW Bus. It's simply required.

Hugs to you lady.

Stef said...

I am just catching up from our vacation. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. What a tragedy! Oh, I will pray for you and for his family and his children.
Also, I am sorry to hear about your mother. When it rains....
Again, you are in our prayers. All of you!