Monday, March 7, 2011

Girls VS. Boys

If you've hung out here very long,
you know that this is a "Boy House!"

We're definitely short on body spray, skirts, head bands, lace and whining <- well, I provide my fair share.

But here's another difference, I noticed.
The other day, I bought Parker a "treat."
Already there are differences.
If I was buying a girl a treat, it would be some new lip gloss or perfume or flowery headbands.
But I bought Parker these -
lacrosse shorts

I wanted to get the spare key, drive to the school and leave them on the front seat of his car with this note:
"Burn the Defense!
Light the Goalie up!
Have a great practice!
We love you,
Mom & Dad"

And at the end of the day, Parker would return home all smelly and bruised with the muddy shorts.

Versus the note to a girl -
"I saw this pink (whatever) and thought of you!
It will go perfectly with your cute sweater with the roses on it.
You are a beautiful daughter and we really appreciate your help around the house and your cheerful smile!
We love you!
Mommy & Daddy"

I like "KILL EM!" so much better!


Donna said...

Ha ha! I love how you love having sons! I'm a mother of boys too and it's great!

Danelle said...

I'm glad I get to write the boy notes too!

Julianna said...

HA! You can tell you don't have girls... what kid really loves helping around the house? ;)

I am also partial to "kill them" probably the effects of too much excess testosterone.

Raven said...

I like 'Kill Em' so much better too! Though, I have to say I'm partial to girls, even though I'm told they are much harder than boys.

Stef said...

From a mother with four boys and only one girl.... Kill them! is so much easier. My daughter is only 9 and she hates what I buy her. Actually, she says she likes it but then refusses to wear them.
But I can bond with her in a totally different way...because I have no choice!

Canadian Blend said...

Until I remarried I had only boys. Now I have three daughters as well. As a result, for the first time ever, yesterday I was asked if I wanted to go "shoe shopping for something cute for spring."