Friday, March 4, 2011

Nut Butter and Why I Should Be President

Phew!  We made it to FRIDAY!
Why do I always feel like that's such a huge accomplishment?
Let's celebrate with Mrs. 4444!

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* When I was at O'Hare Airport, I saw someone with a pack of this -
I was intrigued.  I have since seen it several times at the grocery store.  Yesterday, I bought a single packet to a treat.
Why did I think I would like it?
1. Treats=Cupcakes
2. The almond butter is made out of nothing but roasted almonds and organic palm fruit sugar, salt, artificial ingredients. Blah!
3. I don't really like almonds that much. I LOVE almond flavoring (in frosting on top of sugar cookies) but not the actual nut.

I think I will try another flavor though because I am a glutton for punishment.

* Tomorrow is the first scrimmage of lacrosse season!
Woo Hoo for people hitting each other with sticks.
Oh...and it's supposed to snow today.

* I've decided to take a walk on the wild side.
In an effort to "get ready" for this summer's pioneer trek (25 miles in 3 days),
I thought I should start walking.
I've been walking on the treadmill every day for the last 3 weeks (except for some days) for 30 minutes.
And I haven't fallen off yet!
It might be the most boring thing I have ever done.

*Forget collective bargaining and negotiation.
I'll settle it.
Since both the NFL and the public workers in Wisconsin are up against it,
I'll take the money that the players make and give it to the teachers in Wisconsin.
My decision is strictly based on their contributions to society.

*Oh and while I'm handing down edicts -
Let's send Charlie Sheenon a suicide mission to "get rid" of Khadafy with the promise of 77 virgins.
It could work.

* Ohhhh........I have a recipe for you.
The last two Sundays, we have made a delicious pan of Blonde Brownies (with chocolate chips and walnuts).
The recipe calls for a CUP of butter and of course plenty of brown and granulated sugar.
How could they NOT be good?
I'll see if I can get that posted.
You should eat one while on the treadmill!  Mmmm...mmmmmm!

Have a great weekend!


Raven said...

I like almond butter, but I have to salt it otherwise it's too bland.

I'm with ya on the Wisconsin/NFL/Charlie Sheen thing!

What are you trying to do to me, with the brownies, I'm trying to lose weight. Of course, I'm off to get McBreakfast, so I guess I've already ruined my diet for the day!

mommytoalot said...

MMm i too enjoy almond butter but funny i'm not a fan of almonds..go figure.

Sorry..but i still love Charlie Sheen..of course i am losing my marbles so maybe that's why.
Happy Friday

Guymons said...

Have fun at the lacrosse game in the SNOW.

Our school district can no longer fund sports at the high school, so they are on the verge of being cut, all of them.....there are two high schools in town, one is short like 300,000 and the other like 600,000....I was thinking that is POCKET CHANGE for a professional athlete....why can't one of them dontate some of their "earnings" to the school and it would help out HUNDREDS of future athletes. (But your ideas were even better!!!)

Donna said...

You are so funny and your fragments are always fun to read!
I think your solution to the issues in Wisconsin is genius. I really do!

Jene said...

I LOVE almond butter! Yum!

I'm totally on board with your plan to redistrubute the wealth. It's sad, really.

Carolee Sperry said...

Now me, I want the brownie!

I still love Charlie boy in "Ferris Buellers Day Off"- ever girls ideal bad boy!

Visiting from Friday Fragments...

Have a great weekend!

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Melissa said...

I love your Charlie Sheen solution to the Qadafi problem. I bet he'd totally go for it. He's so insane.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

You are brilliant! You need to go into politics.
Those brownies sound like a little bit of heaven.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I always have almond butter in my fridge. I buy the organic kind with nothing in it!!!! Love it.
You do need to post the blondies recipe now- RIGHT NOW!! I'm hungry for one.

Julianna said...

It's peanut or nothing. :)

Danelle said...

If you watch t.v. while you're on the treadmill, it's not quite as boring. Especially if you watch something with Charlie Sheen.

Rachael said...

I bought my husband several of those packets for his stocking b/c his name is Justin. I don't think they've been eaten. They do make ones that have honey in them too, maybe that would be better!

I LOVE your solution for the Wisconsin thing! Perfect!

Mrs4444 said...

You're funny (and I mean that as a compliment :)

I find the treadmill a complete drag, too. However, I do love it for the dog.