Friday, March 11, 2011

LOVE & Not So Much!

Ahhh.............the Weekend!
I love Friday!
What's not to like?
Plus as an added bonus, Mrs. 4444 pulls out all the stops and lets us invade Half Past Kissin' Time and spill our FRAGMENTS
Join in!  You'll LOVE it.

This week has been ODD.
Because of statewide testing, Parker did not have school Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
I LOVE when there is no school.  I thought I would get some extra sleep and get a lot done.  Not so much!Have you ever noticed how things don't ALWAYS go as planned?

But besides making me exhausted, the week of no sleep also helped me appreciate the little things around me.


When the house is clean
Hearing an owl hoot ouside my bedroom window at night
Finding money in pants pockets
A freshly washed car
Getting in my bed early and reading a book - with a plate of snacks
When my kids are happy
Fridays and the anticipation of the weekend
Watching lacrosse
Blue skies and sun
Pecan Bars and Blonde Brownies
Trips to Costco
Empty dirty clothes baskets


Putting away seasonal decorations
Hearing a woodpecker peck through the stucco outside my bedroom window
Having the weekend totally booked
Putting away what I bought at Costco
The price of gas
Doing laundry

I'm counting it a GREAT day if the "Loves" outweigh the "Not So Muchs"

Have a GREAT weekend!


Tettelestai said...

i actually really liked your list!! what a great way to keep the right perspective!!!

Nat said...
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Trammell said...

Mother Dear,

I opened your blog today in hopes of finding photographs of our dear Mr. Chunkers. Empty promises.

Oh the frustration, anguish, disapointment, anger and utter depression.

Try again.

Love always,

Brandi. said...

LOL at your son's letter. :)

I love doing laundry. I hate folding it and putting it away.

Hope you have a great weekend and get some rest!!

Christina said...

I notice my schedule gets totally screwed up when the kids are off of school.

It appears your son is looking for Mr. Chunkers. Kids... They are always wanting something!

Raven said...

Great list! I love it when the loves rule!

Don't even get me started on the price of gas, if it goes up any more I'm so taking someone hostage!

lisleman said...

Good that you put both lists up here. I also noticed you didn't use the word "hate" like many people. We all need balance. If everything went well all the time we would just desire it to be even better. I think things going too good screws up celebrities at times.