Friday, April 22, 2011


Wow!  It's been awhile since I've joined in on this one.
Maybe because my WHOLE LIFE has been fragmented!
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* All three boys are HOME for the next 36 hours.
That's it for 2 years!
Tomorrow, Trammell leaves for his summer job in Little Rock, AR.
And then in less than a month, Garrett leaves for his two year mission in Romania.
Tiny Baby is the only one who will stick around.
So if we only have 36 hours, why is everyone sleeping?

*Donut Delivery!
A friend just dropped off fresh donuts.
Should I wake the kids so we can eat them,
eat one in peace and then wake them, favorite choice...........hide them and hoard them?

* I received an email entitled "Confidential Email from FBI" with an attachment.
It was sent from "FBI Headquater."
Hey, if they can't even spell Headquarters, I'm not opening it.
The FBI will have to find another way to contact me with their super-duper confidential information.

* I"m completely out of touch with the news.
I only care about the weather forecast.
Have I missed anything?
I doubt it.

* So we pulled out the LIST of stuff Garrett needs for his mission.
You know how with the first one, you are an overachiever?
The minute Trammell's list of necessary supplies for Cambodia came, we started shopping.

Garrett gets his mission call to Romania in January and I'm like, "Ahhh...We've got PLENTY of time!"
Now it's the end of April and we don't have plenty of time.

But we've gotten on it this week.
We bought 2 suits,
10 white shirts,
12 pairs of socks,
1 black belt,
5 packages of mole skin <- yeah really!  That was on the list.
I'm feeling pretty good.
We only have about 50 more things to gather.

* Parker was all excited that he would be the ONLY one home for the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.
I asked him why he was so excited.

Parker: "Because then, I will get three Chipotle cards and all three golden eggs with money."
Me: "Wait.  Why would I even BUY three Chipotle cards if you are the only one home?"

Parker: "I don't know.  I just thought you would get the same amount of stuff but I would be the only one here to hunt for it.  So I would get everything."

Yes, that's my loving, generous youngest!

* Bad news Parker.
We're having the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday BEFORE Trammell leaves.
You won't be getting THREE of anything!

Well, I'm off to hoard share the donuts!
Have a wonderful Friday!

UPDATE: Everyone is up and we're having donuts and POTSTICKERS for breakfast.  Weirdos!


Guymons said...

I'm trying to remember, but I think Parker said the same thing or something similar last Easter...haha...glad you shared the doughnuts. I bought "hockey snacks" last night for watching the Sharks game, and there were some left over so I had peanutbutter M and M's for breakfast. We have today off for either Good Friday or Earth Day or a one day Spring Break. Have fun during your last 36 hours together. Hope Parker has today off school.

Raven said...

I was going to say definitely hoard the donuts, but then they woke up! lol

I get emails from the FBI too. I never noticed if they were spelled correctly.

Mole skin? Really? Where do you even buy that?

Have a great weekend!

Danelle said...

Hide and hoard!

Julianna said...

Hide and hoard... hide and HOARD!

Maybe he should do an easter hunt for YOU. :)

You know... the one where he hides cupcakes in the plastic eggs...

valerie said...

You should have hid a few extra for you and then shared the rest. :) Yes, this Mole skin business, what exactly is it. I am picturing the skin off a Mole animal. We need pictures!