Thursday, April 28, 2011


You know what makes Mom's happy?
Happy kids!

Kids don't realize how much parents want for their kids.
The list is long!
Sometimes things go our way, and sometimes not.

But today - we're celebrating THE GOOD!

Remember Parker's job interview?
I came home and found this
in the middle of the kitchen floor.
Ahhh......two GOLF shirts.
I guess he got the job!  Congrats to Parker!

Then, this
came in the mail.
After submitting an application, participating in a schoolwide election and interviewing with teachers and current student body officers, Parker made it into Student Leadership. 

It was a GOOD day for Parker Cox!

Then, Trammell made his FIRST sale of the summer.
Yep, someone in Arkansas is sleeping more soundly tonight with their new security system.
And Trammell has his first sale under his belt.
Congrats Trammell!

Garrett has a special someone coming to visit today -
We're pretty excited about it!

Yep - it's a good day!


Julianna said...

OH! Dinner with the parents!

(are you goning to grade his manners on this "date too? Plwaese oh, please... I loved when you FAILED! them both on their Mom dates.)

Congrats to all your boys!

can't say the same for mine today...

Andrea said...

Hooray for happy boys!

There is not a soul in this house ready to host dinner for any type of opposite sex visitors--best of luck to you, and that they only embarrass themselves! (although I fear I embarrass over my 13 year old far sooner than he does!)

Raven said...

Yay! What an awesome day!

Danelle said...

Hooray for everyone! I hope we get to hear more about "someone special." ;)