Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome to the FAMOUS Sixteenth Street Chapel!

Some people in our neighborhood are quite proud of the addition to their house.  The husband once told Brian that they are making the inside "look just like the Sistine Chapel."

That will be..........interesting.

They completed the outside a couple of years ago, but evidently aren't finished in the inside.

How do we know?
Well there are LOTS of windows and no drapes.
We have been able to see much of the progress inside.........whether we want to or not.

We can't see the ceiling.......which is the main point of interest at the Sistine Chapel.
And there are so many windows that I don't think they have put up any frescoes or Raphaelian tapestries.
But we can see the fireplace. 
And we have seen the addition of couches - none at the Sistine Chapel.

The other day, we passed the house and lo and behold standing in front of two of the windows are life size Roman statues.........except they aren't real.  They look a lot like mannequins and unlike real marble Roman statues, these ones have their togas or robes painted in lovely green and gold shades.

Me: "You guys!  Look at the statues!"
Parker: "What?  Are they seriously trying to make it look like the Sixteenth Street Chapel?"
Me: "What?  Did you just say Sixteenth Street Chapel?"
Parker: "Yeah. You know. The famous chapel in Italy."
Me: "Oh my gosh!  You said Sixteenth Street Chapel!  It's the Sistine Chapel!!!!!!"

Parker: "Sistine Chapel.  Sixteenth Street Chapel.  Whatever."
Parker: "Yeah.  What city was that again?"
Me: "Rome.  Seriously?  The Sistine Chapel.!"

Parker: "You know what I meant.  Whatever."

Where did I go wrong?


Laura said...

Rome, Gina! Rome!

Dawn said...

Well, depending on your address, it COULD be the Sixteenth Street Chapel....

Too, too funny! Happy Friday!

Mama Badger said...

Ah, nice neighbors. Eeep.

Parker is too cute.

Raven said...

Hehehe, that's hilarious!

Danelle said...

You mean there's no homeowners ordinance against life-size Roman statues? And, umm, didn't Parker start school early? ;)

Julianna said...

Lord help us all.

Manequins in gold robes?

Sixteen Street Chapel?

maybe the ceiling will reveal the homeowner himself touching the hand of God.


Andrea said...

Love the Sixteenth Street Chapel. It's right next to Seventeenth Street. lol