Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break 2011
A Photo Essay by Parker Cox

Here is what Parker did on his Spring Break -
Went to Uncle Justin's funeral

Hung out and played with all the "big" cousins

Went to a trampoline place

Went to the beach

Hung out with Mom & Dad
Long boarded
Hung out and played with all the "little cousins"
Bought a Justin Bieber doll
What is left of the Justin Bieber doll

The rest of the Justin Bieber doll

It is not bad to be Parker.
Do not ever feel sorry for him!


Danelle said...

Hey, he's a pretty good photographer! Did he take that "went to the beach" shot? Because it's awesome! And the flower, and the little cousins under the table. I won't ever feel sorry for him, but I might feel a tiny bit sorry for the Justin Bieber doll. ;)

Raven said...

Love the pics! What a busy Spring Break. I do not feel sorry for the Justin Bieber doll at all. I think we should do that to every last one of them. :D

Mama Badger said...

Oh, gosh. The "little cousins" under the table is a great shot. Poor Justin Beeber, though. Fun to see what Parker was up to. Hope each day is getting a little better for you.

StephieMae said...

Yeah not sympathetic for Him at all...but Justin Bieber on the other hand!! Srsly so sad :(

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Now that is a fun Spring Break!
Love the Justin Beiber doll's untimely end.

Stef said...

HAha! My kids will get a kick out of the charred Justin Bieber. Too funny.

Julianna said...

For a second I was scared...

Justin Beiber???

Then I was relieved...

And then a little scared again.


Seriously, great pics!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

The kids under the table is adorable. The Bieber one is just too funny!

Andrea said...

Thank you for not keeping us in suspense over the fate of the beiber doll! Love it! (hope he got it on sale though)

valerie said...

Sounds like he had a fullfilling spring break!