Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm not the only one on hiatus.
Keely's been on an extended vacay too!
Thank heavens for Stacy! 

She's picking up the slack and letting us all throw it down and link up at her place.

* I'm not blogging as much right now because I'm livin' it up at life's buffet!
I have so many things on my plate, I don't know where to start.
And NONE of them are desserts!

* Garrett leaves for his mission to Romania in 4 weeks.
We have done NOTHING!
Okay, maybe not nothing.
We bought his suits.  That's it.
We should probably get out that list and start buying the 12 white shirts, socks, raincoat, first aid kit, sewing kit, shoes, etc.
* The Fantabulous Pioneer Trek is about 90 days away.
The plan was to have the events and the agenda set in stone around October so we could spend the rest of the time working on the details.  There are A LOT of details!
That was the plan.
That is not what happened.
We're working on reworking the agenda and events for the 3,000th time.
I don't exaggerate.
* I've had the pleasure of spending about 10 hours a week standing around outside.
It would be awesome if they were the hours between 11 and 2 pm when the sun is shining.
It is usually after 5 pm when the sun is setting and the wind is kicking up.
I LOVE watching lacrosse though!  Even when it's cold!

* It's time to plan the Lacrosse Banquet.
It's in three weeks.

* I've been hanging out at Brian's office working on assorted projects.
One of my tasks is the employee handbook.
Hmmm........working on the "paid holiday" section.
How many holidays should we have?
I take bribes!

* Somehow, I thought Easter had come and gone and I somehow missed it.
It's Sunday.
I better have a chat with the Easter Bunny.


allstarme said...

You sound ridiculously busy! Happy RTT.

Guymons said...

EVERY day Andrew asks me if we can dye Easter Eggs. LOL. No, you haven't missed Easter, but it seems a lot later this year...and our school district puts spring break around the St Patricks Day holiday, not Easter, so that's confusing, too!

Good luck with the mission prep and all your other planning! At least you are busy with something you are good at!

Raven said...

Wow, you must feel as if your head is spinning! You do have a lot on your plate.

My Midget played LaCrosse in high school, it was always fun to watch.

Good luck with the planning and prepping for the mission etc. It sounds like there's so much to do!

Mama Badger said...

Easter is really late this year. But the nice weather is, too, so it all fits, right? The kids will still need long sleeves and pants, regardless.

I think you need a paid holiday in either March or April. The span between legal holidays in the spring (New Year to Memorial Day?!?!) is far too long.

Danelle said...

I've decided the last few months of the school year rank right up there with the holiday season when it comes to being busy. Still, you should get some sort of dessert on your plate. :)

Julianna said...

I am also losing track of time.

I have apx 18 weeks before the wedding. I have already had the "Holy Mother Of God, This Is Actualy Gonna Happen" nervous breakdown... AKA jitters.

Almost Hubs laughed at me. laughed. Until he saw the calander and had the "My Life Is Over, I'll never own anything all by myself again" nervous breakdown.

I gently reminded him, that he doesn't own anything by himself now... oddly that didn't help set him at ease.


Stacy Uncorked said...

Awww, man! No dessert on your full plate? ;)

I got dizzy (and tired) reading about all you're doing. I think I need a nap. ;)

Too funny you thought Easter had already come and gone - are you trying to fast-forward? ;)

Thanks so much for playing along as a rebel! You ROCK! :)

RTT Rebel Week 4

Mom in High Heels said...

Oh, I love Lacrosse! We had it at my high school, but I didn't play. That would have involved running. I don't run.
That photo of the buffet made me queasy. Ick!
Happy RTT!

Raven said...

If you happen to find the time, you've been tagged at my blog. If not, that's ok too, I was just thinkin' of ya. :D