Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

* We went to Idaho and fetched Garrett from college.
It was a fun-filled 1500 mile drive.

* Garrett's home!
And so is all his "stuff."
I wanted all of his stuff in my kitchen...........for as long as possible.

* This is in my kitchen too!
The leftover noose from Justin Bieber's demise.

*Oooohhh......I also came home to this -
Me: "Why is there a fish in my kitchen?"
Parker: "Gable and I each bought one to fight."
Me: "They aren't going to fight."
Garrett: "Yeah dude.  Tyler and I already tried that."
Me: "Of course you did.  Now get this fish out of here.  I don't do pets."
Parker: "It's not a pet.  This is his FTC."
Me: "FTC?"

Parker: "Fight Training Center."

This conversation is going nowhere.

* Phew.......look what else is in my kitchen.
The famous patchwork polo that ALL THE CHICKS DIG!

Remember the tug-o-war when Trammell came home from his mission and wanted it but Garrett claimed "most recent possession."  I doubt the most recent possession argument would hold up in court, but Garrett went off to college with it.

Well, now it's back and Garrett is preparing to leave for Romania and guess what is remaining behind.
I wonder who will win Round 2 of the Patchwork Polo Tug-O-War?
No I don't.  I don't care.

Once again...........get it out of MY kitchen.

I hope YOUR kitchen is more boring and is filled with dishes and food and not teenagers and their random "stuff."


Andrea said...

Apparently our kitchen is the most obvious home for things we all like/need to look at. The to-do list has been deemed to be just as important to have a front row seat as the newest lego minifigure. I try to tell myself that the crafting supplies and books scattered about on every horizontal surface tell visitors that we are folks with hobbies and interests...no dull people here. I am pretty sure we are just letting passerbys know that we do NOT consider picking up to be a decent time filler!

LOVE the Bieber noose!

Raven said...

I also love the Justin Bieber noose. Can we put Brittany Spears in it next? My kitchen is usually pretty free of teenage stuff, but that's only cuz it's slightly bigger than a breadbox. The dining room area is the catch-all for all her assorted teenage girly stuff. That and my living room.

FTC- *snickers*

Margaret said...

My kitchen, as well as the rest of my house is filled with random stuff left all over the place by my children. Well, some of it is left there by me, too. I always think they are the ones making the messes and then I look around and see all the stuff that's mine.

Loving that patchwork polo. I can see why everyone would fight over it and why the chicks would dig it. :)

Julianna said...

mmmm... my kitchen is filled with clay masterpieces that the kids made, wedding invites still in process, shoes, winter coats (HELLO? April?) and left over bathroom stuff that never made it back to the bathroom when the sink was finished.

But, no. No Beiber torture devices, nor tacky polos. You win!

Stef said...

Today, my kitchen is full of the boxes that held my kitchen table! Whooot!
Maybe not as interesting, but just as fun for me!

I loved the FTC, by the way.

(Brody is fine, BTW. Thanks for asking)

Canadian Blend said...

Our kitchen if filled with shoes, backpacks and toys. Sometimes we're able to fit a bit of dinner in there as well.

Andrea said...

I both love and hate that shirt. It's ugly but yet intriguing...My kitchen is sans fish (I make the kids keep theirs in their own rooms) but it is full of Chick's cut out baseball pictures, her ten thousand purses, random pens and the ever present single crayon. No matter how many times I banish that crayon to the desk it's always ends up on my counter.