Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Black Hole of Estrogen

Our friend Tyler has his cousins in town for Thanksgiving. They arrived last Saturday. When the entire family sat in front of ours in Church, I couldn't help but count the number of girls.

(The following conversations with Garrett were TOTALLY serious. He had a STRAIGHT face the whole time. he sincerely believes that this is a CRISIS of EPIC proportions)

Me: "Garrett...........Tyler has 8 girls at his house ALL WEEK! How can he stand it?"

Garrett: "I know! He can't. We must offer him shelter."

And so, most nights this week, Tyler has spent the night.

The other night I asked Garrett -

"Is Tyler spending the night tonight?"
Garrett: "I'm sure he is. He HAS to get out of there. It's a black hole of ESTROGEN. You get sucked in! It's twelve girls and screaming and yeah....."

Tyler has done some pretty sweet imitations of what it's like to watch all the girls watch The Notebook, Pride & Prejudice and other chick flicks. I can't blame him for crashing at our crib!


Blogging Mama said...

I think with that many girls even I would want to get out of there!

valerie said...

lol The poor boy! Glad your family could come to the rescue. ;)

Melissa said...

That is hilarious. I'm sure the boy really appreciates the shelter.

missty said...

Garrett is so right!! Too funny! THat is how it is on my side of the family - 6 boys, 13 girls. And four of those boys are mine, the other two boys are usually up against 13 girls when the family gets together as mine are never there! LOL

Stacy said...

That much estrogen in one place? No wonder he wants outta there! Can't say as I blame him. It's good of you to give him a place to escape. LOL