Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Had So Much Fun!

Margaret invited me to be Dave. Their accountant had invited them to a special night at a cooking school and Dave couldn't go. So I got to! Thanks Dave!

We were a little bit skeptical about the night. We didn't know where we were going, who would be there or what we would be making.
We had the BEST time!
The menu included
Asparagus with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli
Toasted Walnut and Beet Salad
Halibut with Braised Fennel, Grilled Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes
and this luscious Chocolate Dessert
Margaret and I decided to work on the appetizer and hooked up with a fun new friend - Debbie. We were three peas in a pod. Although there were two chefs and several assistants there to help, they stayed out of our way. For some reason............they just let us have at it. We did have the recipe. We didn't exactly follow it. We had a wonderful time not measuring anything and doing whatever we wanted. When the chef came over to check on us, he did taste it and thought it was delicious. We did too!

We may have overstepped our bounds when the chef was showing us how to plate the asparagus and we told him it would look much better at a 45 degree angle running diagonal on the plate. But it did! See for yourself!

The food was awesome. Our dining buddies were awesome. I hope Dave continues to use this accountant!

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missty said...

How fun!! I went to some cooking classes about 10 yrs ago - loved it!! I should look into it again. Such fun nights!