Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How Did I KNOW This Would Happen?

It's like I have mystical powers or ESP. I knew what was going to happen before it did!

My dishwasher is broken. Really broken. It doesn't start. And I will admit that I have actually enjoyed doing the dishes by hand. I even enjoyed it more when one night, the boys made me mad and I stomped off to my room and heard Brian say, "You boys can do the dishes!" They did them by hand and they did an awesome job.

But the era of doing the dishes by hand had to come to an end. I called the Dishwasher Repair Man. The friendly lady told me the DRM wouldn't be available until Wednesday (today) but I could pick the time - 8 am to 12 or 1 pm -4 pm. Wow! How convenient since I usually just sit around the house anyway. I could pick - sit around all morning or sit around all afternoon.

I chose morning. She gave me several strict warnings that they meant business. The DRM would call when he was on his way and if I didn't answer, he wouldn't come! Okay. I gave her my cell phone number too..........just in case.

So I sat at my desk and put the house phone and my cell phone just inches from my hands. I didn't want to miss that call. When I left my desk for any reason, I took both phones with me......just in case. I'm pretty sure she was serious.

The hours were ticking by and then I remembered...........there were other things I wanted to do...........outside my house! But I wasn't willing to risk the chance. Finally, I noticed it was 11:08. Don't you hate that when they tell you this 30 day window (like Visiting Teaching) and then come on the last day? I mean, why didn't they tell me it would be between 9 and 12, or between 10 and 12 or maybe between 11:08 and 12?

Suddenly, I looked up and it was 12:15. That's it! I had the two phones by my side all morning. Where was this guy. Plus you know that when he gets here, it's not like he only needs 2 1/1 seconds and then will be on his way. Plus, I'd put money down that he wouldn't have the necessary part on his truck. Do they even have parts in their vans? I bet if you followed the DRP to the van and watched him swing the doors open wide -THERE'S NOTHING IN THERE!

So I called the repair place and said, "Yeah, I had the 8 am to 12 window and it's 12:15 and the guy never showed." She offered to SEND HIM A MESSAGE. What is "send him a message?" You can't call him? You can't radio him? You can't text him? How do you send a message? Morse code? Carrier pigeon.

Me: " I've already dedicated four hours of my day to this project so I have things to do now and I'm going to cancel." Okay, I know that is short sighted. Why not let the guy come? But seriously, I had a craft show to go to and it opened at 10, so I was late enough!

The lady said, "Well I certainly understand. I'll cancel your appointment. I'll need you to call back to reschedule."

Was I being punished? Like being grounded from contacting the repair place?

"I can't just set up a new appointment now?

"No, because you are already in the computer as having a tech assigned to you. We'll have to wait for the cancellation to go through and you'll have to call back."

What kind of place am I dealing with? I'll show you how to cancel my appointment! You push "delete." Oh wow! Your name disappears and you schedule a new date. Maybe this function is also handled by carrier pigeon too. the dishwasher is still broken. I don't have a new appointment. I kind of hope the boys misbehave tonight. Or I could just say, "Hey guys, do the dishes."


valerie said...

Ugh! Those people make me crazy!!! I did that yesterday with the FED EX guy. I had to sign for it so I got to sit around all day and wait. Then after they finally showed she walked away. WAIT! I waited all day and I'm signing something! lol Hope your washer is fixed soon!

missty said...

Oh man, I guess a few of us were waiting around yesterday. Ugh. I had to wait for the Satellite guy for our TV. The phone lady asked if there could be snow on my dish.. um no, its 90 degrees.

Gina - I think you should forget the repair and just go buy a new one - much easier! lol

smarkuci said...

OK, seriously, that happens to us EVERY time we hire a vendor. I always wonder how anybody stays in business. ---SM