Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heard at the Dinner Table

I tuned in part way through this conversation:
Garrett: "So CHIVALRY is not dead."
Parker: "What IS chivalry anyway?"
Garrett: "Come on you're a freshmen. You had to have already studied this in Global Studies this year. There was a time they started worshipping women.
Chivalry is - you know - opening the door for a girl, letting her go in front of you in line, buying her a drank (hip hop reference there) and esquiring her around town."
What the heck is "esquiring" her?
Thank heavens chivalry is not dead!


valerie said...

lol Too cute!

Andrea said...

Hehe too cute!

Andrea said...

Forgot to say I left you a little something on my blog :) And your dishwasher story had me laughing.