Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Kinda Thankful but Then Again Not

So I am posting about what I am THANKFUL for this month.

Really, I should just back away from the blog.
I'm a poor loser.

But then, did I really lose? I need to get perspective here.
I am sorry to drag you through my ramblings.

The Election:
I LOVE the United States. There is NO WHERE I would rather live! I am truly thankful to live in a democracy where I can voice my opinion and participate in choosing people to run our government. I am totally grateful to live in America. I do believe that it was founded on inspiration and that our forefathers were literally led here and inspired to write the Constitution. So see, I am thankful for something!!!!

I am disappointed. I'm not disappointed that McCain didn't win. I didn't like him. He's old. He's uninspiring. He's not who we needed. I am sad that we have intelligent, smart, experienced, adjective, superlative, adjective people and Obama and McCain are the BEST we can come up with? I didn't like my choices!!!!! I've wanted a redo since the primaries.
Maybe something good will come out of my adversity! Maybe next time I'll get more involved and help find and support a good candidate instead of sitting back and waiting to see who is presented to me. Maybe I'll get more involved in politics and the process. Maybe I'll pay more attention to Congress and bills and issues and spend less time on ..........blogging. Maybe I'll run for office! Now that's inspiring!
Plus, there might be a silver lining! This is perfect timing for Obama's redistribution of wealth. Since Brian is building his business right now and isn't making money, I no longer fit into the category of people who will be taxed! Woohoo! Redistribute the me!
Yeah! I'm seeing a lot of free stuff in my future! Free lunch, federal aid, Medicaid, smaller class sizes, interest free loans, free socialized medicine, free 7 For All Mankind Jeans, free Nike's for my kids, and free Coach and Louis Vuitton bags. Seriously, this just might work for me. I know I'm being bratty..........but...........

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Stacy said...

You've captured my thoughts exactly. I'm disappointed. Not sick to my stomach--because I'm an eternal optimist (really, I am!), but I'm disappointed in the whole thing. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. And yeah...we're a couple of teachers over here. Redistribute my way, please.