Friday, November 14, 2008

I won! I Won! I WON!

I WON! Wow! Way to make my weekend! I'm positively gushing! Gee...I hardly know what to say (besides "Thank you.") I won a blogging award. I'd like to thank my The Academy and all my fans. I'd like to thank my parents, who don't even know this blog exists. Oh wait............Thank you to Andrea who writes Oh how do you make it cute? Like just a little linky thingy instead of the ugly http address? Shoot, she's going to take back the award cuz I can't blog correctly.
Blogging Mama Oh wait? I think I did it!

Anyway, back to me. The award. There's only 5 people who read this blog (including those who look over my shoulder when I write about them) and so what are the chances that I would be awarded with my very own prize?

I never win anything - well except for runner up, Miss Congeniality, and the best essay in that one teen beauty pageant..........but that's a whole different story. So thanks to Andrea for slogging through silly posts on the exploits of teenagers, cooking, broken appliances and politics. You made my day!


valerie said...

Imagine when I read my sisters blog this morning and I saw that YOUR blog had one! Woohoo! Yippeee! Neato! :)Congrats!

smarkuci said...

Congratulations!!! ---SM

valerie said...

Oh my gosh. Can you say dork? I just reread my comment and not only did I leave out words but I spelled them wrong too. lol Congrats again!

Andrea said...

You're welcome. I think your blog is great :)

missty said...

Way to go Gina!! See, we all love your blog!!