Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just Another Day

Ahhhhh..........the good life!

I woke Parker up at 7:45 and we went to the annual Cub Scout Pancake Breakfast. It's all you can eat McDonalds Pancakes for $1.

I prefer my pancakes with 3 pats of butter per pancake and an ice cold coke chaser. No one has better coke than McDonalds.

By 8:30, we were on the road and hit up the gas station and two grocery stores: the healthy grocery store where I was able to find the only UNHEALTHY items in the whole place - salt water taffy, chili lime corn chips, assorted marinated olives and corn nuts and the normal grocery store for tomorrow's dinner. It's all a part of the special day.........the day we get ready for Sunday.

We also had to stock up with Red Vines, Peanut M&M's, sunflower seeds, Slim Jims, peanuts in the shell and the taffy for the BYU vs. Air Force game.

I packed a backpack with all of our goodies and we hit the road around 11:00. It takes about an hour to get to the Air Force Academy. That gave us plenty of time to get there, park, peruse the mini BYU bookstore set up in the parking lot, chat with friends, make our way to the stadium, get turned away because you can't take any outside food in, send Brian back to the car with the backpack, find our seats and get a hot dog all before the game started. Phew!

The flyover alone was worth the price of admission..........oh and the parachutists too. The game was way fun. We loved the giant turkey leg, nachos, hot dogs, kettle corn and smuggled in sunflower seeds, but were disappointed that we didn't get the funnel cake or giant plate of homemade potatoe chips. I forgot I was at a football game for a second and started looking for the ferris wheel or tilt-a-whirl.

I could write a whole post on the number of families with small children who were disappointed with the game....the kids not the parents. I know! What 3 year old doesn't love a football game? But let's not let this post get off topic. And besides, enough of the game....we must move on! Saturday is running out and we still have a lot to do!

We left the game with 1 minute and 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter. BYU had sewn up the victory and we wanted to beat the crowd. We seriously RAN to the car. It was 4:30 and we needed to drive the hour+ home and Brian and I needed to be at a black tie function by 6:40.

What was the magic of 6:40? Well, that isn't the time the affair starts, or the time dinner is served, it's the time Brian has to be on stage in front of 1,000 people to receive recognition for putting 3 years of his life into planning said event. If he has been planning it for 3 years, don't we need to be there earlier? Don't ask!

At one point, I remember telling Brian that he probably shouldn't go 90. That was right before telling him to change the radio station because a new Ludacris song came on and it has inappropriate lyrics. Don't ask how I know it has inappropriate lyrics if it's a new song and we were only into it 3 notes.

At 5:30, we pull in the driveway. We ran into our bedroom and changed. Let me just say that until 5:30, I had not given my wardrobe for the evening ONE SINGLE thought. I have four long gowns - all black - all ugly. This is where I turned grumpy.

But I was really good at keeping it to myself until we got in the car at 5:55. Then, it leaked out. "WHY AM I EVEN GOING? I look bad. We're not even getting dinner? I don't know anyone? And you don't even work with these people anymore..................................AND I WISH I HAD A HOT PINK DRESS."
Where did that come from?
I'm not sure if I said that as soon as I got home, I was throwing this dress out or if I just thought that to myself.

We made an illegal turn. Parked and forgot to pay. We RAN - yeah in heels and a long gown to the ceremony.

We got there on time because I predicted in my little mini rant that it wouldn't start on time. Brian did his thing. They gave him a bouquet of fall flowers. We ate dinner watched a few of the 54 awards that would be given out and then we snuck out and came back home. Oh and..............we didn't get a ticket for not paying for parking.


missty said...

What a fun day!! You are always so busy!!

Andrea said...

It sounds like a fun day. I wish I actually had a reason to own a long black gown! I thought maybe hubbys Christmas party since he's executive level now, but nooo, it's employees only!