Monday, February 28, 2011

BEST Facebook Status Ever!

Trammell called and told me to check out his friend's status on Facebook.
It's a kid (23) who played high school lacrosse with Trammell.

I read the status -
"Hey everyone I just want you to know im alive well and clean and living in a sobriety house in Denver.  It's true I was in Arizona shooting heroin and a crack head to the max and became homeless and went through 60 grand in 2 months that's how bad I got.  I was legally dead but was brought back and got myself real help and I want to say sorry to everyone I let down im clean 50 days now and going one day at a time.  day by day now."

And I cried.

I cried because I am so happy that he was pulled from death and has a second chance.

I cried because 50 days is a long, long time to be off heroin and I hope he can stay clean.

I cried because I remembered "Senior Night" when he had no parents show up to escort him across the field.

I cried because at the end of lacrosse season this 6'2", 250, bald, tattooed guy took a knee on the field and cried.  When the coach asked him what was wrong, he said, "I am so happy.  I've never been on a team and treated like a member of the team before.  I' can't believe it's over.  I'm going to miss these guys.  Thanks for letting me play."

I cried because it made me think of the insignificance of my own problems.

This put all of those "Yea Glee is on tonight!"  "I hate Mondays!"  "Why do people speed up to pass you, get in front of you and slow down?" statuses in perspective.


Mama Badger said...

So sad, and so happy at the same time. Hopefully he makes it another 50.

Donna said...

It's so true that challenges like that put our own little "challenges" so much more into perspective. I'm happy for that young man and I hope his recovery continues to go well.

Guymons said...

that IS the best status ever! happy for him. thanks for sharing with us!!!

Julianna said...

We have someone close to us battling heroin addiction.

Not fun.

What an amazing journey he has ahead of him... 50 days and counting ;)

Danelle said...

What a great story. There are a lot of things to cry about there(good and bad). The part about no parents to escort him at Senior Night really got me though. It does put things in perspective. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs4444 said...

No kidding. I think it's beautiful that someone with so few familial assets had enough hope to reach for help. I'll say a prayer for him tonight.

Patty Edwards said...

Dang... you made ME cry just reading this.

Stef said...

That really is amazing! And what a big person to admit wrong and ask forgiveness!

~Janie~ said...

Thank-you Gina! You always give me hope! And you've taught me too love teenagers..well..teenage BOYS anyway...I'll let a know about the girl thing in a couple of years...But thanks again for sharing this story. My Eldest is an alcoholic & I haven't seen her or my grand daughter in 2 yrs. I forget there is always hope.

Mclovin said...

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