Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All That Glitters

Yea for Tuesday!
Yea for RaNDoM!
Yea for Stacy!


Go pay her a visit.......click the linky......I dare you.  NOT NOW! 
Click it AFTER you've read and commented.
*Guess what I found?

Now I can have Thanksgiving.
Did I miss it?

Does this look like Christmas ornaments and a tree skirt?

Unfortunately, I know who put it in a Christmas box.
I know exactly what they were thinking.
I was thinking wrong.

* A repairman was supposed to come fix my oven sometime between 1-5 pm yesterday.
Guess what time he came?
Yeah - I hurried home and hung out ALL AFTERNOON.
I called twice - once when I first got home because I saw his number on caller ID (even though he was supposed to call my cell) and was afraid I missed him.
Nope.  The record showed that he hadn't called nor come to the house yet and I was still on the schedule.

Then at 5:20, I called and lo and behold the record showed that he did come by.
Well.........which is it? He came by or he didn't?
The "specialist" then said the record showed that he didn't come by but had typed in 1:44 as an "estimated time of arrival."
Um........no..........he didn't arrive. EVER.
I spent from 5:20 to 5:50 bouncing around "Press 8 to talk to a mornon and Press 3 if you are tearing your hair out" and listening to on hold music.

* While waiting patiently for the Oven Guy,
I did manage to clean up the aftermath of Thanksgiving, put the beads and bows on the tree so that it can be ornamentized, and finish the Christmas village set up......all while scaling the 12 foot ladder in a skirt.
The Oven Guy SHOULD have been here!
It was quite a show!

* I have some VERY exciting news (and it's not about the ovens)
But it DEMANDS it's own post.
Come back tomorrow.
How's that for a tease?

* I'm so excited I forgot all the RaNDoM.
Oh and if you are a super smarty pants,
Don't give away my totally top secret already announced to the world excitement.
Just look smug.



Andrea said...

OK, well now I am just going to wait here for the super exciting news. My messy house and dirty laundry will be on your shoulders! How exciting (that you have such news)!

So when you put away Thanksgiving, where did the glitter corn go?

I thought of you when my brother was making the green bean casserole!

Andrea said...

p.s. I like your new holiday decor. There is an award for you over on my blog, by the way...more flair!

Kristine said...

Repairman drives me nuts. They assume people have NOTHING better to do than wait for them. Ugh.

Julianna said...

OK. I have the day off tomorrow. So I'll be waiting for your post.

Can I have a 3-4 hour time window please?

Danelle said...

Waiting for the exciting news will be like waiting for the oven guy! Except YOU will show up! Can I guess? Because I have a really good guess!!!

Andrea-TheSockMonkeyMom said...

I've got a really neat-o idea on the news!!! But I want say it. But I think I might know.

I don't know what makes me think I know, but you know, I do.

Have you gotten out the garland yet? I loved your five hour 'putting up the garland' post from last year.

Not So Simply Single said...

You are hilarious...