Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Caramel Apples, Glitter Corn and Getting Ready for Christmas

* Come here my little pretty!
Who would like a caramel apple?

How about...............

It was part of an object lesson in my seminary (6 am Bible study class for high schoolers) class yesterday.
I doubt they will ask me to substitute again.

I was nice though.  I gave the victim a bottle of water, a trash can to spit the onion into and a REAL caramel apple.

* That was pretty RaNDoM!
And if you want some more RaNDoM, read on.
If you want EVEN MORE,
go see


She's the best Randomizer this side of............well I don't know where she lives.
Go see for yourself.

* We aren't celebrating Thanksgiving this year.
We can't.
I can't find the glitter corn.
Seriously, you can't just expect me to go on! 
No holiday table decor is complete without Glitter Corn.
Thanksgiving is cancelled.

* I know WHERE the glitter corn is.
It's SOMEWHERE in the storage room in the basement.
I can "see" myself gently sliding ears of glitter corn into gallon size ziploc bags.
Then my vision gets blurry.
But.....everything is well organized in the basement.
We have the January decor bin, the Valentine decor bin, the 2 Easter bins, the 3 Fall decor bins which are separate from the 3 Halloween bins and the 15 Christmas bins (not including the Snow Village stuff).

There is no separate Thanksgiving bin.
And it's not in the Fall decor bins.

Do you think it's in the Shorts - size 29-30 bin or the Jeans - size 32 bin?

* I am mailing Garrett's Christmas package to Romania today.
I already sent the Thanksgiving/Getting ready for Christmas package.
That package contained a two foot tree with decorations, battery powered lights, two stockings, Christmas candy, 2 chocolate Advent calendars and all the makings for Green Bean Casserole.
Yes, I really did send 2 cans of green beans, a can of Cream of Mushroom Soup and French Fried Onions to Romania.

* Do you think I can get all of this
 in here?
 Yes.  Yes I can.  Except for the two mini candy canes that somehow didn't make it in.

Well, speaking of shoving.
I've shoved enough RaNDoM into this little post.
And it's time for me to shove off.
Happy Tuesday!
Happy RaNDoM!


Anonymous said...

Nice packing there! You really can shove a lot in those boxes if you try. Happy Tuesday!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Ewwwww! Caramel onion? But I bet it sure solidified the message! :)

OK, now I'm intrigued by the glitter corn - and now I must have some to add to my fall/Thanksgiving decor. ;) I do have my boxes marked 'Thanksgiving' - and have 2 big ones sitting in the living room waiting for me to pay attention to them and actually get the stuff out to finish the interior decorating for fall/Thanksgiving. But no glitter corn. Maybe I'll just stick those boxes back in the shed. ;)

I bet Garrett thinks you are the BEST!!! What you've mailed him so far? So cool! And I need to take lessons from you on packing things up (and sending them in plenty of time for the holidays). :)

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Nicole said...

Wow, I can't believe you fit it all into that box!

Love your blog!

I am Harriet said...

I've been there- trying to fit everything into one of those boxes.

Have a great Tuesday!

Andrea said...

You are amazing! I know that seems sort of generic and all, but there was so much in this post! I don't know what's worse...having glitter corn that's been misplaced, or not even owning any to begin with!

The caramel onion reminds me of the science fair project where you bite and apple while smelling an onion and it tastes like an onion, but probably not as much as that onion!

Romania will never be the same once they meet green bean casserole!

You are clearly the packaging wizard!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

OMG! I can not believe you actually fit all of that in there. Maybe the Easter Bunny ate the glitter corn?

Julianna said...

I think the glitter corn is in teh Vetran's day bucket.


Well I tried.

I have all the bins color coordinated by holidays (Halloween = orange, Easter = purple etc.) Not that any of the stuff end up in the right bin, but it's a start.

Guymons said...

I need to get some bins...haha...

One time I stuffed one of those boxes so full, it bulged and the guy said to take some out or get a bigger box...haha...I wish I would have gotten the other "worker" I bet he would have been fine with my packing job!

Terra H. said...

I've been bad with decorating this year. I have tons of decorations, like you do, but don't have the oomph to get it all out. I'm curious about the onion apple. What was the lesson? I bet it was funny to see the people taking a bite out of it!

Mama Badger said...

I concur, with out the corn, you must cancel. Get the men down there for a full out search. Threaten with candy onions if they don't find the CORN!!!

Lucky Garrett that looks like a good load of loot!

Donna said...

I can't believe you got all that to fit into that box. I hope you find your glitter corn! It is beautiful!