Monday, November 28, 2011

So Sad

I have a lot to talk about.........
lots of fun stories, lots of exciting things happening around here and lots of crazy.

But it wouldn't be right to move on so quickly without an acknowledgment.

Last night, I was typing emails to missionaries on my computer when I heard Brian on the phone.
He sounded serious and slightly panicked or upset.
I went in the kitchen just as he hung up
to tell me that a dear friend, Jane Baer was in an automobile accident and died.

I'm not sure where to start.
Jane is the beautiful mother of six grown children and a grandmother to about 40.
But she has been one of my mom's best friends and the Baers and the Marcuccis have been friends for nearly 40 years.
Our moms parented together, served in church together, ran the swim team together, laughed and cried together.
IF my parents died when I was younger, my parent's will stated that we would go live with the Baers.
They were those kind of friends.

Her influence has been profound.

Jane and Mark have been serving as the Matron and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Denver Temple for the last 2 1/2 years.
Besides seing her at church and social occasions, I saw Jane every Thursday at the temple.
It wasn't uncommon for Mark to come looking for her ....
only to find her comparing notes with me about my kids and her kids and grandkids.
She always took an interest in EVERYTHING we did.
They were at ALL the important events for our family.
She and Mark were some of the first people to come over after my brother died in the Spring.

I cannot express how much I, and my extended family love the Baers.
There are not enough words to share all the wonderful qualities Jane possessed, how much we love her and how much we will miss her.

She was a constant Christlike example of charity and love.
She cared.
She was generous.
She was an amazingly supportive friend.

It is a wonderful thing to see all the posts on her children's Facebook pages.
The kind words do not exaggerate her beauty, grace and Christlike qualities nor do they do her justice.
She was an angel here on earth and she will be greatly missed!


Don and Kelley said...

Gina, I am so sorry.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

My condolences. Clearly God has called this great woman back to his side. I'm sure she will be greatly missed.

Kir said...

Thank you, Gina! So much of what I would want to say about Jane! She will forever live with us! We all love her so much!!!

Rachael said...

Such sad news I heard from my mom this morning. She was such a dear friend to my mom and I know she will be missed. I'm sorry for your loss too!

Danelle said...

We just heard of this last night from our stake president. I had no idea your family knew the Baers so well. We were only acquainted with her as the temple matron, but she was such a lovely person and will be missed by so many people. We're thinking of her family, and yours as well.

Andrea-TheSockMonkeyMom said...

I'm so sorry Gina. She sounds like she was a wonderful person who will be dearly missed.

Snowcatcher said...

I was doing a search to find out how she died, and I found this. Thank you for such a beautiful post for such a beautiful woman. I just can't believe she isn't going to be there to greet me at the temple tomorrow night.

Julianna said...


Oh Gina. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Donna said...

I am so sorry to hear that. It sounds like she was an angel here on earth, and now she's an angel in heaven. Thank goodness we know that we will see our friends and loved ones again! Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

Sally said...

Darling, Gina - So upset for your family and for the Baers. Praying that you will all be comforted in this loss. In a year filled with upheaval and loss, I'm so thankful to know that our God is sovereign, unchangeable, and faithful, and that His love endures forever.

abelnap said...

You don't know me, but my family knows Jane and Mark and all the kinds in much the same way. My parents' will also nominated the Baers as guardians should something have happened to my parents when we were small. I was so shocked and have felt so sad for the whole family. Thanks for a lovely rememberance of the incomperable Jane Baer.

Andrea said...

So sorry for your sad news.