Friday, November 11, 2011

Don't Read This if You are My Child

Don't you LOVE Fridays?
Don't you love Friday Fragments?
Don't you love Mrs. 4444?
Well go tell her!

* So when I was first brought in to wreak havoc help at Brian's work,
we were all trying to "perfect" a process.
I kept finding myself explaining the ultimate process by saying, "In my fantasies............"
Evidently, my coworkers don't fantasize about work and file folders and Sharpies.

* All of my kids (all boys 23, 20 and 17) still sleep with their baby blankets.
Don't tell anyone. phone is ringing.
They're ticked!
They're furious at me for telling.
Trammell DID NOT take his blanket on his mission.
Neither did Garrett.
So they don't HAVE to have them.  They just like them........a lot.

* Isn't this a cute picture?
 Thanks Facebook!

* Text message from Parker -
"There's a sub in writing.  I'm not going."

Three minutes later -
"The teacher's here.
I'll go.
But I'm not happy about it."

He has such a HARD life!

* We made our first batch of Christmas cookies Sunday.
Three dozen "Mexican Wedding Cookies," "Russian Tea Cakes," "Sand Tarts," "Butterballs," whatever you want to call them.
Sunday, I ate none.  Zero.
Monday, I may have had two.
Brian and Parker ate ALL of the cookies except for three.
I pointed out that I hadn't had any (okay, not any, but only two) and so they said I could have the last three on the plate.
Tuesday the cookies sat untouched.
Wednesday the cookies sat untouched.
I came home from work and eyed them.
Their siren song was calling me.
But I was saving them for the millennium for later.
And then Brian came home and ate them.
Just popped them in his mouth like that.
"You can't hoard cookies!"
"But those were mine!"
"They sat there for two days.  You can't hoard cookies!"

* I made him take me to the bakery and I bought two big cookies:
one pumpkin and one molasses.
I ate half of the pumpkin Wednesday night.
I ate the other half this Thursday afternoon.
I am hoarding the molasses one.
I can hoard cookies if I want.

* If today wasn't Friday,
I would die.
That's how tired I am.
I still might die.
We have a birthday party, a bridal shower, a wedding, a missionary farewell and two wedding receptions this weekend.
When do we get to sleep?

Who needs sleep? Have a great weekend!


Jeanie said...

I won't tell about the blankets because I have one that I won't leave town without and I am waaay older than your boys.
I agree that you can hoard cookies, but I am in awe of your restraint :)

Mama Badger said...

Hmmm, the blanket thing sounds like foreshadowing. We gave a new baby a blanket that looks just like LGs blanket on Saturday, and he glared at the recipient the WHOLE time we were there. Boys and their blankies...

I hoard cookies, too. PB has a new rule- 3 days. I get 3 days, then it's fare game. He claims it's not fair to the cookie to let it go stale like that.

Unknown Mami said...

Whatever you call them, I love those cookies. I'm more likely to fantasize about them than file folders and sharpies.

Andrea said...

More molasses cookies will energize you for the weekend, you know that right, about the magical powers of molasses?!

Tram said...

Oh man, I dont blame your kids for being mad that you announced that! I hear the middle one is mad all the way from Romania.
Cute picture! He must be a lucky guy!

Guymons said...

Melanee's great grandPA, because great grandma who made baby blankets for all the great grandbabies, started going blind and couldn't HAND STITCH and sew, made Melanee a baby blanket. It was super soft....Scott and I also got a full sized blanket HAND MADE and sewn from the same type of soft material for our wedding from this same grandma. Well, one time when Melanee (who LOVED her blankie) got sick in bed. I grabbed up all the sheets blankets pillows and rolled them up. Put them outside. Decided to throw the SHEETS and PILLOW away since they were disgusting, NOT remembering that the blankie was in that wad....sooooooo, didn't realize it till after the garbage man had we gave her out blanket, she needed that material....SHE IS IN COLLEGE SHE STILL HAS HER "big blue blanket" (that's what it has always been called!) hey i might blog about this...lets see if i can get her to send a pic

Danelle said...

I have dreams about file folders and other organizational supplies.....dreams that my gifted but disorganized high school student will utilize them! I think saving cookies for the millenium is just part of being prepared, and people shouldn't walk in and eat your food storage like that! And I really hope you don't die of exhaustion this weekend :)

Laurie Matherne said...

I am glad you have the control to hoard cookies. I am more like the Cookie Monster. I eat, destroy, and devour cookies. I like making them, too. The blankets? No big deal. I know "kids" in their twenties who have to fly with their favorite blankie or pillow.

Silver Strands said...

Who needs sleep INDEED! (My kids still sleep with their blankets - and 2 of them are so old they even have kids of their own!)

Rachael said...

I still sleep with my baby blanket...and I HAVE to have it! Seriously...last weekend when I took Steve on our over-nighter...I sure did pack that thing! I asked him if when I die he will bury it with me or keep it so he can remember me. We decided he would cut it in fourths and each child and him would get to keep a piece of it. He said I wouldn't need it anymore!

Tram said...

Wow. I thought I was incriminated against at first but it turns out that YOU are the ONLY one that doesn't still sleep with a blanket! what does that say mom???

The Crazy Coxes said...

Trammell -
1) Why are you reading this? Didn't you see the title of the post? You are disobedien.
2) I HAVE my baby blanket. It is in a drawer somewhere around here. I betterdig it out so that I git in wih everyone else!

Prasetyo said...

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qandlequeen said...

Wooo that sounds like a crazy weekend! And by the way, YES, you can hoard the cookies. Lick them next time. That's like a dog peeing on a tree to mark your territory.

Rachael said...

I totally think being an adult gives us the right to hoard cookies. I hide the good ones from my kids.

Barbara said...

hahahaha about the blankets. Two of mine still have theirs (one still sleeps with it) and the third one still has one of his childhood stuffed toys - he doesn't sleep with it but he won't part with it (its tucked safely away in his closet.)

Karen and Gerard said...

You should divide the cookies up and let Bryan know that when his are gone, that's all he gets. He cannot go into your stash.

Stopping by from FF.

Mrs4444 said...

Again--It is GORGEOUS in here. Really diggin' your digs. (and loving you, too, of course :) The voice in your fragments this week is a very cheerful one; I'm happy for you.

That's funny, about the blankets. Come to think of it, I have no idea where Kyle's is.

I love the text--I can totally picture getting one like that from Kyle. I really love that we can keep in touch with our kids so easily these days. What in the world did they do in the old days?

I LOVE those cookies!! We have a rule in our house: Whoever makes the cookies gets the last one. It's time you adopted that rule.