Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Crazyville!

Welcome to Crazy Town!
Do you wanna occupy us?

Come on over.  Bring cupcakes!
If you wanna get really crazy, join in the Friday Fragmenting Fun!
Go see Mrs. 4444.  She started all the Fragmenting!

* Oh shoot!  I forgot to care about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

* Parker had a great idea.
"I'm going to start Occupy Grandview." <- That's his high school.
"I'm going to go into the counseling office and find out the top 1% (he's only in the top 5%) of the kids in my class and insist on redistribution of grades.  Their points on tests and homework should be redistributed to the rest of us. It's not fair that they get all of the A's."

It's almost as good an idea as Occupy Wall Street.....but somehow LESS ridiculous.

* I overheard this conversation between Parker and his friend.
Friend: "Hey Parker, want to go see Dierks Bentley Saturday?"
Parker: "Not really.  But how much is it?"
Friend: "Like $40."
Parker: "Wanna go see Ben Carson Saturday?"
Friend: "How much is it?"
Parker: "$5"
Friend: "Wait.  I don't even know who that is."
Parker: "He's a famous neurologist.  It's a lecture from 9:30 to 12:30."
Friend: "Uh, then, no."

Now we know where Parker will be Saturday AM.

* The other night I went to Costco.
I was cute.
I wore my cape.
The 20 something year old checker said:
"I like your......ummm......(kind of motions to the cape)...."
"My cape?"
" look like.........ummm.........Nancy Drew."
"Oh thanks. I thought you were going to say Sherlock Holmes."
"I was but I didn't want you to feel bad."

"Parker, guess what?  The checker just said I looked like Nancy Drew but......"
He cut me off, "Nancy Drew?  You look like Sherlock Holmes."
He's grounded.
He obviously doesn't care if I feel bad.

* Look what I bought at IKEA last night -
25 of them............because you never know when you might need them.
And searching IKEA for them is a whole different post!

* Margaret wanted to stop at McDonalds for a McRib sandwich.
She NEVER eats McDonalds food..........only during McRib season.
Yes.  There's a season.
Anyway, there are only 6 days left of McRib season and then I guess, they run out.
I don't know how you run out of processed meat but whatever.
Parker was making fun of her for eating the McRib and she asked him if he had ever had one.
"No.  But there are more than 70 ingredients in that thing."
"But it's soooo good.  you have to try it."
"No.  There's actually an ingredient in the McRib that they use in yoga mats."

Do you think he made that up?
Where would he get that?

* Oh my gosh!  He's NOT lying!
I never believe my kids.
I checked it out and he's right!

Have a great weekend!
Go get yourself a McRib!



Rachael said...

When you mentioned the McRib I was going to comment that it has more than 70 items in it but see Parker has set you straight. I don't think I would EVER eat one! NASTY!
I love those lanterns from IKEA! I love IKEA and can't fathom why Vegas still doesn't have one!
Your Occupy idea is hilarious!

Donna said...

I love the Occupy Grandview idea! Your son is one smart cookie. I wrote about my thoughts on Occupy Wall Street on my blog today.
I will never eat a McRib!!
And I would love to look like Nancy Drew! The cape is cute!

Andrea-TheSockMonkeyMom said...

Ikea - warehouse section right in between the glassware and pictures (and we don't even have an Ikea here!!)

But yes, Ikea is always fun!

Parker is a crack-up. I always say it....but it's always true.

Happy Friday!

Wayne W Smith said...

The problem is not due to the distribution of money - but to that of the distribution of power. People in this country are feeling powerless, so they can spinning into fringe groups like the tea party and the occupy movement to try and regain some semblance of power. It is a sad commentary all around.

Mama Badger said...

That's so gross it's amusing. Your cape is cute. I wasn't thinking of either of those people.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I won't stop eating them! They taste so good, that I really don't care what's in them. 7 or 8 over the span of a year, I would call that moderation, forced moderation but moderation none the less. Plus the yoga mat chemical is also in almost every bread product you buy. Can you say Panera, Oroweat and tons more things?

Barbara said...

What a fun post. I enjoyed reading it.
I love going to Ikea. It's one of my favourite places to go and just browse.

Guymons said...

I've never been to IKEA

Rachel M. said...

Oh my goodness you are hilarious! I wish I had more time to blog hop!! I haven't been by your blog in ages!! Hope you have a fab Thanksgiving next week.

Mary said...

That Parker sounds like he's something else!

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks for the info about the McRib! I liked that sandwich too but ignorance is bliss; won't be able to eat it anymore!

Stopping by from Friday Fragments:

Unknown Mami said...

Dang it, now I want to put my yoga mat between two buns and eat it.

Julianna said...

I have to agree with Wayne. It is a sad state of affairs regardless of where we are occuping.

The Mcrib does nothing for me. Neither does most of their food, but sadly, my kids love it. But at $30 a whack, we don't do it that often.

bill lisleman said...

redistribution of grades - good comparison - sometimes it doesn't pay to be a slacker. It's hard to discuss the occupy movement because it doesn't seem to have focused goals. Changing the whole capitalism system is not going to happen. But I do agree that policy and political influence of the 1% should be discussed.
Sherlock ? did you have a pipe?
great fragments

Rachael said...

I LOVE the cape! Thanks for the laughs today, I love your little anecdotes.

Sally said...

Grade redistribution is genius! Ben Carson??? I'd LOVE to see Ben Carson - I tell his story to my fifth graders every year! I love Margaret! Sometimes it's just better not to know what's in what you're eating. And considering what must be in your pantry, Gina, I'm thinking she's getting the better nutrition! :)