Monday, November 7, 2011

Queen for the Day

Brian and I were asked to be the judges for the annual Mr. Crowfoot pageant at the singles' ward (a Mormon congregation full of NOTHING but single young men and women ages 19-30)
I have to admit that I didn't want to go.
It was Friday.
It had been a LONG week.
It was cold and I was tired.
The bed was calling my name.

But we traipsed down to the church

Nothing will make you laugh harder than boys....
except for boys in costumes doing ridiculous things.

There were 12 contestants competing in 3 categories: Active Wear, Formal Wear and Talent.
In the active wear competition, we had guys showing off their calves, their soccer prowess, martial arts moves and of course their big guns.
Later in the talent section, we were able to see a full demonstration of this young man's nunchuck martial arts skills.
Here are all the young men in their "formal wear".  Some had interesting definitions of formal wear.  There was the contestant dressed completely in thrift store duds include a pair of red and white saddle oxfords.
There was a contestant dressed like Elvis dressed like Uncle Sam (?).  And there was a young man dressed in his father's tuxedo from about 40 years ago.  It fit.

And then............there was the talent.
I must admit that I missed parts of some of the acts...........because I was laughing so hard, my head was down on the table.
There was some piano playing, some serenading
and LOTS of dancing.
I think a couple of the contestants will be meeting with their Bishop this week.  The moves left us wondering just WHERE they had learned their moves.  I've never seen Brian laugh so hard - at the grimaces of the Bishop- and at the fact that he (Brian) no longer had ecclesiastical responsibility for ANY of these people.

And finally, two young men did a parity of Danny Kaye and Bing Cosby performing "Sisters" in White Christmas.

And of course, there was a winner - complete with a sash AND a purple and pink crown.
Oh.........their mom's must be so proud!


Rachael said...

How fun! I bet that would have been hilarious to watch!

Andrea said...

That sounds like fun...were there snacks too?

Danelle said...

Hilarious! And you know what the best part was? That Brian could laugh so hard because he was no longer responsible!

Julianna said...

How fun!!!

But I have to ask... if one of the "singles" hitches up with one of the other "singles", do they get booted out of their ward?


Donna said...

That is so funny! I've never heard of one of these being done in the church. From the bishop's response it sounds like maybe it was the first and last one?!