Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All That Glitters Part Two

She said YES!
Trammell and Jen are ENGAGED!
I'm so excited!!!!  Where do I start?

Romance at it's best -
Plan A -
Trammell and Jen were going to fly to Minneapolis on December 17th where sometime during the 4 day stay, Trammell would have a formal talk with Jen's father and ask permission to marry his daughter.
Then when Jen came to visit us in Denver, Trammell would propose on New Year's Eve.

Trammell came home for Thanksgiving and 30 seconds after he stepped off the plane,
we went to our favorite family jeweler - Trice Jewelers - to meet with Ralph.
And then Trammell was even more if that was possible.

Ralph said that he could have the diamond set and the ring sized by the next day if Trammell wanted to.
But, with Jen off at home and the engagement not for more than a month, what was the hurry?
For the next two days, Trammell kept saying, "We should have told him to have it ready now!"

We went to pick up the ring on Friday - Best. Black. Friday. Shopping. Ever!
And then for the next two days, Trammell opened the ring box every 15 minutes to look at the ring.

We all knew that Plan A was going out the window!

Plan B -
Jen and Trammell go to Minneapolis on December 17th.
Corner her dad sometime and propose sometime, somewhere in Minneapolis before returning to Denver on the 23rd.
But Trammell kept looking at that ring and thinking of beautiful Jen.

By Sunday, we were on to Plan C -
Trammell texted Jen's father and knowing that Sunday was a busy day for him, asked him to call him at his convenience........anytime between now and when Trammell would get on the plane to go back to school at 6:30 pm or anytime after 8:30.
Jen's father called right as Brian pulled up to the curb at the airport to drop Tram off.
So that Trammell wouldn't have to have this conversation with "There is no parking in the red zone" in the background, AND to give Trammell some privacy (I so wouldn't have done that!), Brian went in the airport and sat in the terminal and left Trammell in the car in the parking lot to "chat."

Trammell had a prepared speech.
He never really got to give it.
The Kerrs knew this was coming.
Trammell did insist on telling Jen's father how amazing Jen is and how in love with her he is.
Permission granted!

Trammell got on the plane with the ring...........
although security did spot it in his backpack and ask what it was.
Then he had to wait 24 long, painful hours until Monday night.

You see, there is some history with the Monday night after Thanksgiving.
Last Thanksgiving, Trammell spent the holiday thinking.
He was "friends" with two girls.........Jen and someone else.
He knew he couldn't date two girls.
He thought about the two girls and tried to figure out who he should date and who he should "give up."

When he got back to school on that Monday after Thanksgiving,
he called Jen up and asked her to go for a drive.
They drove around and talked.......
and then he said..........
"I really like you.  I don't want to hurt you.  Please don't like me anymore."
She wasn't happy.

He dated the other girl.
He wasn't happy.
They broke up in the Spring.
Trammell went off to Arkansas to work for the summer..........
but he started calling Jen all the time and chatting.
And the phone calls got more frequent.
And by the time summer was over,
he could hardly wait to get back to school and date someone who had become his best friend.

So now, the Monday after Thanksgiving 2011,
Trammell called Jen and asked her to go on a drive.
And they drove to Sundance ski resort and they got out of the car and walked around.
And then Trammell reminded Jen of that painful conversation last year............
and then he told her he didn't want her to NOT like him.
He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.
And he gave her the ring
And they are getting married Saturday, April 21st at 3 pm in the Salt Lake Temple.
Come ON!  They are first borns!  Trammell reserved the time at the temple weeks ago!

We LOVE Jen and we are thrilled and so excited to have her in our family!!!!
I'm giddy!  I might be a little bit more excited than the bride and groom-to-be.
But maybe not.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All That Glitters

Yea for Tuesday!
Yea for RaNDoM!
Yea for Stacy!


Go pay her a the linky......I dare you.  NOT NOW! 
Click it AFTER you've read and commented.
*Guess what I found?

Now I can have Thanksgiving.
Did I miss it?

Does this look like Christmas ornaments and a tree skirt?

Unfortunately, I know who put it in a Christmas box.
I know exactly what they were thinking.
I was thinking wrong.

* A repairman was supposed to come fix my oven sometime between 1-5 pm yesterday.
Guess what time he came?
Yeah - I hurried home and hung out ALL AFTERNOON.
I called twice - once when I first got home because I saw his number on caller ID (even though he was supposed to call my cell) and was afraid I missed him.
Nope.  The record showed that he hadn't called nor come to the house yet and I was still on the schedule.

Then at 5:20, I called and lo and behold the record showed that he did come by.
Well.........which is it? He came by or he didn't?
The "specialist" then said the record showed that he didn't come by but had typed in 1:44 as an "estimated time of arrival." didn't arrive. EVER.
I spent from 5:20 to 5:50 bouncing around "Press 8 to talk to a mornon and Press 3 if you are tearing your hair out" and listening to on hold music.

* While waiting patiently for the Oven Guy,
I did manage to clean up the aftermath of Thanksgiving, put the beads and bows on the tree so that it can be ornamentized, and finish the Christmas village set up......all while scaling the 12 foot ladder in a skirt.
The Oven Guy SHOULD have been here!
It was quite a show!

* I have some VERY exciting news (and it's not about the ovens)
But it DEMANDS it's own post.
Come back tomorrow.
How's that for a tease?

* I'm so excited I forgot all the RaNDoM.
Oh and if you are a super smarty pants,
Don't give away my totally top secret already announced to the world excitement.
Just look smug.


Monday, November 28, 2011

So Sad

I have a lot to talk about.........
lots of fun stories, lots of exciting things happening around here and lots of crazy.

But it wouldn't be right to move on so quickly without an acknowledgment.

Last night, I was typing emails to missionaries on my computer when I heard Brian on the phone.
He sounded serious and slightly panicked or upset.
I went in the kitchen just as he hung up
to tell me that a dear friend, Jane Baer was in an automobile accident and died.

I'm not sure where to start.
Jane is the beautiful mother of six grown children and a grandmother to about 40.
But she has been one of my mom's best friends and the Baers and the Marcuccis have been friends for nearly 40 years.
Our moms parented together, served in church together, ran the swim team together, laughed and cried together.
IF my parents died when I was younger, my parent's will stated that we would go live with the Baers.
They were those kind of friends.

Her influence has been profound.

Jane and Mark have been serving as the Matron and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Denver Temple for the last 2 1/2 years.
Besides seing her at church and social occasions, I saw Jane every Thursday at the temple.
It wasn't uncommon for Mark to come looking for her ....
only to find her comparing notes with me about my kids and her kids and grandkids.
She always took an interest in EVERYTHING we did.
They were at ALL the important events for our family.
She and Mark were some of the first people to come over after my brother died in the Spring.

I cannot express how much I, and my extended family love the Baers.
There are not enough words to share all the wonderful qualities Jane possessed, how much we love her and how much we will miss her.

She was a constant Christlike example of charity and love.
She cared.
She was generous.
She was an amazingly supportive friend.

It is a wonderful thing to see all the posts on her children's Facebook pages.
The kind words do not exaggerate her beauty, grace and Christlike qualities nor do they do her justice.
She was an angel here on earth and she will be greatly missed!

Friday, November 25, 2011

One Night at Costco

Take a little walk through  my world.
Parker and I went to Costco. Real quick. To pick up one thing.
We were there about 20 minutes.

* "Mom, you can get me a lynx for Christmas."
"A lynx? A live lynx?  Yeah, you can can't on that happening."
"All I know is that it's the coolest cat in the world."

Do the sell lynxes (what's the plural of lynx?) at Costco?

* Oh yeah, for youth group, we're getting gingerbread house kits and making them and blowing them up."
"Whose idea was that?"
"Think about it."

I don't have to think about it

* "Arrgghhh.......they only have off brand french fried onions and now all they have is low sodium soy sauce.  What kind of place is this? They are letting me down!"
"Face it Mom.  We're just skinny people in a fat man's world."

That explains a lot!

* "Why do you keep stopping the cart and writing?
Are you seriously writing down everything I say?
Without me, you would have NO blog.
I should get paid!"

No. *I* should get paid!


Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Hope That's NOT Leather on Those Fat Calves!

Happy almost Thanksgiving!
Before I tackle all of those Thanksgiving recipes, I've got to clear my head of all the RaNDoM.
Luckily, Miss Stacy has invited everyone over to her place for turkey RaNDoMNeSS at it's finest.


* I love people who bring me cookies.
* Did you know that every year American women’s calves get fatter.
Yep, it’s true.
The boot salesman at Nordstrom told me………..
as he was taking in my boots.

I had a hard time finding boots because of everyone else’s fat calves.
Thanks a lot guys!

* West Hollywood or some city near West Hollywood voted to ban all clothing made of fur and any clothing made from animals……including wool.

Thank heavens sequins haven't been banned!

*I don’t see myself ever riding a motorcycle.
They don’t have cup holders.

*The other night, I was sitting at my desk.
I hear a little bell: “ding ding.”
And then from around the corner Parker shot out and squirted me with a squirt bottle.
I totally freaked out!
We have a family rule that NO MATTER WHAT, you can’t squirt your mom.

She can squirt you.
But you NEVER squirt mom…….even if her hair is on fire.

This was a direct violation and I was NOT happy.

In order to not get killed, he admitted that it was for AP Psych.
The kids had the assignment to see how long it would take to condition a family member.
Experiment OVER in my house!

Ten minutes later,
I heard the bell: “ding ding”
And I jumped and yelled, “NO!”

One time!
I was conditioned in ONE experience.

I wonder how the kid fared who was trying to condition his mom to make him a sandwich every time he rang the bell?

*TRAMMELL comes home for Thanksgiving today!
He’s on the plane RIGHT NOW!
*I sent a Thanksgiving/Pre-Christmas package to Garrett in Romania about 6 weeks ago.

It had all the fixings for green bean casserole, a two foot tree, battery operated lights, ornaments, two chocolate advent calendars, candy, and who knows what else…..all crammed in one of those “if it fits, it ships” boxes.

But on the customs form, I said it was socks.
I hope he got it.

Have a fabulous and RaNDoM TueSDaY!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Search for the White Lanterns

Last Tuesday, Brian and I went to IKEA for something.  I don’t even remember what it was but I’m sure it was important.
As we stepped off the escalator, we immediately saw several pallets full of these –

I stood and stared.
Brian saw my eyes glaze over and asked,
"Did you want to get one of those?”
“No, I might need 18 or 20.”
“Well, did you want to get one so that you will remember and when you decide, you can come back and get them?”
“No.  I will put it on Pinterest.”

And we went on our merry way.

But then, I mentioned it to Margaret,
and in the role of a good friend who is looking out for your best interests,
she sent me into a panic.

“You have to go right back and get them now!”
“Because if you don’t get them now, they will all be gone.”

She picked me up the next evening to go and buy the lanterns.

We arrived and when we got to the top of the escalator………

That's when I started whining like a three year old who had missed her nap.

To soothe me and prevent me from knocking over the lantern display in a temper tantrum, Margaret assured me that we would find them.

WE dug through the black and silver ones that were left
and found TWO.
I will leave you to guess what happens when you dig around those boxes and they are just resting on top of the lantern lids with nothing to stabilize them.

Then we we went on a "treasure hunt" and searched ALL the displays throughout the store and took them off tables
and book shelves.
We found FIVE more.

Then we came up with the brilliant idea to ask for help.
The first five teenagers we approached a) didn't know what lanterns were. b) didn't know how we would find out if there were any in the store and c) were stupid.

Then we ran into this man
who for some reason did not want his picture taken.  So we did not take his picture.
He is the "Closet Planner."  He has this computer that you can plug the dimensions of your closet into and he can help you plan out the racks and shelves and bins, etc.
BUT, we asked him if he could use his MAGIC computer to tell us if there were any WHITE lanterns left in the store.
That's the crazy thing about computers.
Not only could it calculate closet square footage, the MAGIC computer told us that there were 94 white lanterns somewhere in the store.
But it's not THAT smart, cuz it couldn't tell us where.

So, we went through the store a SECOND time.
And we asked every employee who we ran into.

It was like looking for a needle or needles in a haystack.
Come on people!
There are 94 lanterns all piled up together.
How hard can they be to find?
Pretty darn hard.

Finally, one really nice girl took us on an "employee shortcut" and told us to NEVER take the shortcut without an employee with us until we needed to five minutes later by ourselves.

She directed us to Homewares or Glassware or something and actually walked us to this guy -
 who showed us EXACTLY where the 94 white lanterns were.
We jumped up and down and the employees backed away.
Then we bought 18, 20, 25.

If you ever need to borrow white lanterns.
I know where you can get some!
But there are only 69 left!
Kidding!  You can borrow mine!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miracles: Big and Small

You know I believe in miracles.
I love to find miracles and I see them happen every day.
I try to share them here every once in awhile.
I HAVE to share Friday's miracle.

I was driving from an appointment back to the office.
It was only a 10 minute drive max and I was in a hurry.
For some reason ;), I had a feeling I should call my friend Amber.

"Hey Amber!  How's it going?"
"Well, it's been a rough morning."
"What happened?"

Amber had just gotten off the phone with her son TYLER (Yes! <- the OTHER half of the Bonehead Brothers!  Garrett's twin by another mother.  The EXTRA son who LIVED here for nearly two years.  And by HERE, I mean IN THIS house 24/7)
Tyler's been serving his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Ukraine for the last 19 months.

Missionaries only call home on Christmas and Mother's Day
And it's not one of those holidays.
So it can't be good!

Amber explained that a few months ago,
Tyler mentioned that he was "itching."
It was a casual mention that he didn't know what was wrong but he was constantly scratching.
The end.

But when he called Friday,
he told them that he was itching day and night for almost six months and that it was so bad he was awake most of the night scratching.
His skin is raw and he is trying to survive on 3-4 hours of sleep a night.
He has gone to the doctor in the Ukraine.
They couldn't find anything and they hinted that perhaps it was mental.

The adult leaders recommended he come to the mission office and call home and prepare his family that he might be sent home early.  No one in Ukraine could explain this itching and they asked Tyler to meet with a psychologist.

He told his mom it was NOT mental.
He has the language down.
He loves his mission.
He feels great mentally.
They are teaching more people than ever
and he DOESN'T want to come home.

But he can't survive on 3 hours a sleep.
And he can't continue to scratch his skin off.

Amber told all of this to me.
Hmmmm...........I was skeptical.
I knew there was more to it.
It wasn't mental.
I didn't tell her I would, but immediately after hanging up,
I called my brother.

I knew he was working in the Pediatric ICU.
I NEVER call him when I know he is at work.
I KNOW he can't answer his phone.
But I called.

He answered with, "Is it emergent?"
"No. But Tyler has............."
I told him everything in less than 30 seconds and he said, "It's Scabies.  I'll call you back."

In a whirlwind of events and phone calls at 2 am,
My brother spoke with the leaders in the mission office, Tyler's parents, Tyler, a doctor in the Ukraine and a pharmacist.
Long story, but it IS scabies.
They are unfamiliar with scabies in the Ukraine.
It can be easily and quickly treated.
There is NO reason to "live" with it.  And there is NO reason for Tyler to come home.
Within 24 hours, he went from miserable and returning early from his mission to ecstatic and ready to ROCK the last five months in the Ukraine.

Why did I call Amber at a random time when it was not convenient and I didn't have time to talk?
Why did Amber tell me the whole story instead of just saying everything was fine?
Why did Jared answer the phone even though he was in a meeting with his attending?
How did Jared know without seeing Tyler and from my extremely limited description what it was?
How did they get all those people on an international conference call?
How is it that the ONE pharmacy that has the scabies medication is JUST DOWN THE STREET from Tyler's apartment?

God's hand is in the miracles.
We can be instruments in his hands.

I know miracles happen every day.
We just have to notice them.

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Crazyville!

Welcome to Crazy Town!
Do you wanna occupy us?

Come on over.  Bring cupcakes!
If you wanna get really crazy, join in the Friday Fragmenting Fun!
Go see Mrs. 4444.  She started all the Fragmenting!

* Oh shoot!  I forgot to care about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

* Parker had a great idea.
"I'm going to start Occupy Grandview." <- That's his high school.
"I'm going to go into the counseling office and find out the top 1% (he's only in the top 5%) of the kids in my class and insist on redistribution of grades.  Their points on tests and homework should be redistributed to the rest of us. It's not fair that they get all of the A's."

It's almost as good an idea as Occupy Wall Street.....but somehow LESS ridiculous.

* I overheard this conversation between Parker and his friend.
Friend: "Hey Parker, want to go see Dierks Bentley Saturday?"
Parker: "Not really.  But how much is it?"
Friend: "Like $40."
Parker: "Wanna go see Ben Carson Saturday?"
Friend: "How much is it?"
Parker: "$5"
Friend: "Wait.  I don't even know who that is."
Parker: "He's a famous neurologist.  It's a lecture from 9:30 to 12:30."
Friend: "Uh, then, no."

Now we know where Parker will be Saturday AM.

* The other night I went to Costco.
I was cute.
I wore my cape.
The 20 something year old checker said:
"I like your......ummm......(kind of motions to the cape)...."
"My cape?"
" look like.........ummm.........Nancy Drew."
"Oh thanks. I thought you were going to say Sherlock Holmes."
"I was but I didn't want you to feel bad."

"Parker, guess what?  The checker just said I looked like Nancy Drew but......"
He cut me off, "Nancy Drew?  You look like Sherlock Holmes."
He's grounded.
He obviously doesn't care if I feel bad.

* Look what I bought at IKEA last night -
25 of them............because you never know when you might need them.
And searching IKEA for them is a whole different post!

* Margaret wanted to stop at McDonalds for a McRib sandwich.
She NEVER eats McDonalds food..........only during McRib season.
Yes.  There's a season.
Anyway, there are only 6 days left of McRib season and then I guess, they run out.
I don't know how you run out of processed meat but whatever.
Parker was making fun of her for eating the McRib and she asked him if he had ever had one.
"No.  But there are more than 70 ingredients in that thing."
"But it's soooo good.  you have to try it."
"No.  There's actually an ingredient in the McRib that they use in yoga mats."

Do you think he made that up?
Where would he get that?

* Oh my gosh!  He's NOT lying!
I never believe my kids.
I checked it out and he's right!

Have a great weekend!
Go get yourself a McRib!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Truth is......

Truth is..........I am SOOOOO excited for Thanksgiving.I was not so excited on Tuesday.
Then my friend called and invited us to her house and it was an answer to an unsaid prayer.

Truth is..........I don't get Occupy Wall Street, Oakland, Berkely, Portland, Denver.

Truth is..........I want to start getting out the Christmas stuff.  I think I will start setting up the EPIC Christmas village this weekend.  It only takes three days to set up.
Who has three days?
Truth is.........Retailers are RUINING Black Friday by opening on Thanksgiving.........even if they don't open until 9 pm.  It's Thursday!  Not Friday!!!  Is there NO DOWN TIME in America?

Truth is.........Parker REALLY wants these Muno (from Yo Gabba Gabba) for skating.
He's disappointed because they only come in kids' sizes. 
Truth is.........I checked, they do come in adult sizes!  Christmas!

Truth is........that's it for today.  I'm going to Ikea to buy 20 little white lanterns.  They are WAY CUTE!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Oh yeah!
It's RaNDoM!
And have I got RaNDoM for you!


* Did you know that Q comes BEFORE R
Evidently I am having a hard time with that because I always open the "R" file cabinet, am shocked that I can't find the "Q" files and have to sing "O, P, Q, R" of the alphabet song to myself.

* My co workers are horrified by my eating habits.
Breakfast - half a sleeve of Ritz crackers and a Coke.
Mid Morning Snack - A Sees Pecan Truffle.
Lunch - Lays Potato Chips and some Hostess Crumb mini donuts and a Coke.
I DID have a nutritious dinner at IKEA at 7:30.

* A man at work does Weight Watchers.
He explained the "point system" to me.
He gets 40 points a day.
He said I would probably get 25-30 points a day.
Those mini donuts would be 17 of those points.
I'm glad I'm not doing Weight Watchers!

* My family thinks I am crazy because I clean the house BEFORE the house cleaner comes.
She only comes every other week.
So we do have to clean toilets and vacuum ourselves.
But it drives them nutty when I rush around cleaning the night before.
I explained that if *we* didn't pick up the nine pairs of shoes scattered on the laundry room floor, she wouldn't be able to mop the floor.
She's only there for a limited time.
If she spends all that time picking up, straightening desks and making beds,
You get this right?

* Text from Parker:
"I think I'll take a rain check on English."
I called him.
"Why aren't you going to English?"
"We have a substitute for the 17th time."
"You can't miss English 27 times!"
"Wow! I've missed it 3 times.  There's a huge difference between 3 and 27."

He has a point.
I might be exaggerating.
But we sure TALK about missing English a lot!

* I had a dream last night that I was writing blog topics on scraps of paper at a high school baseball.
The kids were angry because the cafeteria ladies were running the concession stand.
I thought it was cool because we got these big crockery/cafeteria style bowls of nacho cheese.
Oh and.........the game was at 7:15 in the morning.
I have problems!!!!!!

If this was RaNDoM enough for you........head on over and see Stacy.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Math Stinks!

p = 6 or 2 or 1 or whatever!

Parker is in Calculus. 
Maybe he should go back to Geometry.
Yesterday, *I* made this.
In light of the fact that no one will LET me hoard, I went on the proactive and started a friendly discussion.
"Okay, there are three of us.  Each of us gets a third of the pie."
"Uh huh!"
We're mature over here.

"Mom, it's not going to be like that. You won't ever eat a third.  You are just trying to hoard your part."
Am I REALLY that transparent?

He's right.  I won't eat a third.
I will eat ONE piece.

And we all sat down and had one piece together - a 1/8 of a pie piece.
Some of us had whipped cream and some of us had ice cream AND whipped cream.
And then, Parker had a second piece. with two more scoops of ice cream.
There was approximately half the pie left.

Here's where the math gets tricky
"Okay there's only half the pie left and you had a second piece Parker."
"No. There are three of us and there is a half of a pie left. So we each just ate 1/6."
"Except we didn't.  You ate more."
"Mom, there are three of us.  We each ate some pie and now their is half left, therefore we each ate 1/6 and going by your rule that we each get 1/3, we each get to eat 1/3 of what is left or 1/6 of the pie."

What kind of math is that?


Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Sting of the Scorpion

I thought I would share this little video with you.  I like it. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Don't Read This if You are My Child

Don't you LOVE Fridays?
Don't you love Friday Fragments?
Don't you love Mrs. 4444?
Well go tell her!

* So when I was first brought in to wreak havoc help at Brian's work,
we were all trying to "perfect" a process.
I kept finding myself explaining the ultimate process by saying, "In my fantasies............"
Evidently, my coworkers don't fantasize about work and file folders and Sharpies.

* All of my kids (all boys 23, 20 and 17) still sleep with their baby blankets.
Don't tell anyone. phone is ringing.
They're ticked!
They're furious at me for telling.
Trammell DID NOT take his blanket on his mission.
Neither did Garrett.
So they don't HAVE to have them.  They just like them........a lot.

* Isn't this a cute picture?
 Thanks Facebook!

* Text message from Parker -
"There's a sub in writing.  I'm not going."

Three minutes later -
"The teacher's here.
I'll go.
But I'm not happy about it."

He has such a HARD life!

* We made our first batch of Christmas cookies Sunday.
Three dozen "Mexican Wedding Cookies," "Russian Tea Cakes," "Sand Tarts," "Butterballs," whatever you want to call them.
Sunday, I ate none.  Zero.
Monday, I may have had two.
Brian and Parker ate ALL of the cookies except for three.
I pointed out that I hadn't had any (okay, not any, but only two) and so they said I could have the last three on the plate.
Tuesday the cookies sat untouched.
Wednesday the cookies sat untouched.
I came home from work and eyed them.
Their siren song was calling me.
But I was saving them for the millennium for later.
And then Brian came home and ate them.
Just popped them in his mouth like that.
"You can't hoard cookies!"
"But those were mine!"
"They sat there for two days.  You can't hoard cookies!"

* I made him take me to the bakery and I bought two big cookies:
one pumpkin and one molasses.
I ate half of the pumpkin Wednesday night.
I ate the other half this Thursday afternoon.
I am hoarding the molasses one.
I can hoard cookies if I want.

* If today wasn't Friday,
I would die.
That's how tired I am.
I still might die.
We have a birthday party, a bridal shower, a wedding, a missionary farewell and two wedding receptions this weekend.
When do we get to sleep?

Who needs sleep? Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Parenting: Not for the Faint of Heart

You all KNOW that October 8th was a pretty BIG day (specifically midnight), right?I really don't have to explain.

But just in case............
I'll share the following.

Text convo with a 17 year old boy on October 7th.

Him: "I have an appointment tonight."

Me: thinking........with who? Teachers and coaches don't meet at night. What time? With who? It's Monday night. Church leaders don't meet with people on Monday night.

What I texted: "With who? I don't understand."

Wow!  I'm a mom!  Did I just ADMIT that I don't know something?
Why do I feel like I am walking into a trap?
Him: "COD3"

Duh! Of course!
COD3= MW3 = Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.
And if it goes on sale at midnight, what time should you buy it?
Seriously? Do you even have to think about it?

First, you pay $5 three months in advance to "Reserve" your copy.
Then, you go to the store at 6 pm during the day before the midnight release and PRE-PAY.
Finally, you go back at 9:30 when it's 34 degrees and snowing and you sit OUTSIDE the store with 299 other idiots of your friends until the clock strikes 12.

And then, once you get your hot little hands on the game, do you come home and go to bed because it is a school night and you have to get up at 5:15?

Another STUPID question.

You MUST open it and start killing people immediately.

Because Parker is soooo responsible, he limited his play to an hour: 12:19 to 1:19 am and he still got up at 5:15 and went to seminary and then a full day of school and then lacrosse weight lifting and then long boarding.

All I can say is that I am thankful that THIS YEAR, he has his license because the last time Call of Duty came out, he didn't.
So *I* was the fool making three trips with him to the video game store.
I am so glad that I am no longer the "fool." ;)