Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Bonehead Brothers Pirate My Facebook

SOMEONE Pirated my Facebook!
And NOW they must WALK THE PLANK!

Okay, I don’t know which ONE of the Boneheads did this. It could have even been Bonehead junior (Parker).

When I logged onto Facebook, everything was in Piratese or Piratish or Piratalian. Anyway….SOMEONE got on my Facebook and went to the Settings and changed the Language to English – PIRATE. (yes there is such a language)

Mmmhmmmm. And by so doing, committed me to be a translator for Facebook!
At first, I thought EVERYONE’s page was in Pirate. Maybe I was out of the coolness and everybody in the world knew about this "new" Facebook.

Home read Home Port
Friends = Me Hearties
Inbox = Bottle O Messages
I could understand all that!

But I didn’t take 3 years of Pirate in high school, so I was having a hard time with “make yer mark,”

“44 shots o rum ago,”


and “Hoisted bout 2 turns o the hourglass past.”

It only took me HALF A DAY to figure out that I was the only one of Facebook’s 13 billion accounts in Pirate.

I kept asking friends, I mean, "me hearties," and they all thought I was crazy. Luckily Settings in Pirate translates to “settins” so I could switch it back.

Update – Garrett came home for lunch and I mentioned the piracy:
Me: "SOMEONE got on my Facebook and switched my page from English to Pirate."

Garrett (bored): “Oh. I didn’t do it.”
Me: “Hmmm......It must have been Parker. I suspected as much.”
Garrett (still bored): “Yeah I suggested he do it. He must have done it.”



valerie said...

lol You gotta be fast to keep ahead of those two! :)

Guymons said...


Missty said...

OK - Way funny!!! My boys have threatened to do somethig to my blog. SO far so good, they haven't. I keep telling them I wouldn't know how to get it back to half normal! So far they are believing me.

Stephdeezy said...

ha ha ha ha they never let us down

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Still laughing from the above post and then I read this! Almost made coffee come out my nose! Now what would that be in pirate hmm?

Don and Kelley said...

That is cracking me up. The funny thing is, after I read it, I thought to myself......That would be fun to do to my son's facebook! I have to look into it!