Friday, March 20, 2009

PRAY for Tiny Baby

I came home last night and Parker was suitably grumpy for a Thursday evening.
PK: "This weekend is going to stink!"

Me: "Why?"

PK: "Three lacrosse games.......all spread out."

Me: "Three?"

PK: "Yeah, I'm playing for Level III on Saturday."

Sorry for the interruption but allow me to clarify-
Our high school has three lacrosse teams.
Varsity, Junior Varsity and Level III.

Level III would be what many consider the freshman team except it's called Level III because there are both freshmen and sophomores on the team.

Parker is a Freshman.

Parker plays JV.

Me: "Oh, well that's not so bad. But you said THREE games."

He can't help himself. He grins.

PK: "Yeah and they asked me to suit up for Varsity."

Me: "Wow! That's awesome. I bet you are excited!" I'm getting an Oscar for this performance because what is coming out of my mouth is NOT what I am thinking!

Bigger grin.

PK: "Yeah."

So pray for Tiny Baby. He's 4'10" and 85 pounds. Have you hung out with any Varsity athletes lately? They AREN'T 4'10" and 85 pounds.

Parker's position on the lacross field is Attack. His job is to score. So...who do you think the opposing team puts on the field as Defenders? Yes, ex football players who are 6 feet + and over 150. Their job is to prevent Parker from scoring.

So pray for us! Pray that the opposing team gets food poisoning. Pray that all the defenders are injured or ineligible to play. Pray that Parker doesn't get killed. Pray we don't have to call Flight for Life. Pray they don't even put him in the game. Just let him stand on the sidelines and "think" he's in a Varsity game. Pray for whatever you want, but PRAY FOR US!


valerie said...

Wow! He's one popular dude. I'll pray that his smallerness (yes! I made up a word! lol) will become his advantage and will make so many scores he'll make it into the school of fame! :)

Missty said...

Prayers are needed, but I think a shrink is more needed!! LOL That boy needs his head examined, or the coaches heads do!! lol

Guymons said...

I love his smile in that picture.....I have a 9 year old (Bradley) we measured his height today and he is 4 foot I know what size child you are describing. SMALL for varsity.

What an honor, though. How exciting! GO PARKER.

debilyn said...

I'll definitely pray for him...but how exciting, huh??

Big Daddy loves to watch Lacrosse..his dad was a star player for John's Hopkins University back in the day.

Yay Parker!

Stephdeezy said...

Maybe his smallness in size won't affect his high capacity to score uber amounts of points and the opponents will be intimidated.

Right? Like that'll happen on the plus side at least we know he's good enough to have the honor! Yay for Parker*

KelliSue Kolz said...

Hurry. You better wrap that boy in bubble wrap before you send him out to play with the Goliaths that are 6 foot.


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

You got it. Prayers for anything but him getting injured!

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