Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday, while running over my heel with a flatbed of baked potatoes, the Bonehead Brothers called from the road. (I had the gall to wake them up at 10:15 on my way out of the house.)

It took me awhile to figure out what they are talking about –
“You HAVE to change your blog!”
“Yeah! Quit Hatin!”

Evidently, they decided the most productive use of their day off was to head back down to the Oralabs Factory. (see two posts down)

Upon arrival, they located the “Visitor’s Room.” It was a plain room with NOTHING in it to entice visitors. There was a phone and a sign by the phone that said, “Please dial your party’s extension.” Since the Boneheads didn’t have any party or know any party, they weren’t quite sure what their next move should be. Saved from their own destructive thoughts, a man came in and asked if he could help them.

You should have heard their speech! I can’t do it justice. They will get mad if I try to recreate here (while they are asleep in the basement) and I will for sure get it all wrong.

Let’s just say- HE FELL FOR IT!

They came out of there with a baggie of ChapIce. Seriously!

I told them both that they can drop out of school now. What else is there for them to learn? If you can 1) Identify a problem 2) Identify a solution and 3) Convince some man to give you 20 Chapsticks for free……….what more can school teach you? Those are life skills!


valerie said...

Three cheers for the Bonehead Brothers! lol

Stephdeezy said...

Oh man they won't stop I guess determination is always a good trait! Ha but hey if you get free chapstick out of it I would never be opposed.

KelliSue Kolz said...

I forsee brilliant careers in public relations.