Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's the Day We Get Ready for Sunday. Or something like that. It's early here for a Saturday. It's 7 am.

Brian has been up working for an hour. Garrett is leaving for an AP Language Review session from 7:15 to 11:00. Yes, it counts for a grade. Otherwise he would be going to lacrosse practice. Parker and Brian are going to a "move" in a little while. One of the sisters that they home teach is moving. And then Brian will drop Parker off at lacrosse fro 8:45 to 11. And there you have Saturday.
This afternoon will be spent on the "Get Ready For Sunday" part...with the usual grocery shopping and errand running. And of course, we can't forget: getting ready for the High Priest Social that we have tonight.

So now that the house is quiet and messy, I'll get a little housecleaning done. But I'm not picking up the 6 pairs of shoes by the front door, the violin, the hoodies on the floor of the loft, and the cast off notes from a test already taken.
I have my own agenda. More important things! Things that really count!

We already know I have issues and I have to question why I am blogging about this – just adding fuel to the fire.

I have this stupid new habit.

About once a week, I like to get the shop vac and put the longest extension cord on it and drag it from one end of the house to the other vacuuming random things.

I have a central vac in the house which is basically the same thing. And I use that for the regular room vacuuming.

So I don’t know why I insist on dragging the shop vac inside. But I love the attachments. I just glance around the room and follow my heart:
the rugs on the tile floor in my bathroom
my makeup drawer
the shoe shelves in my closet
the baseboards in the hall way
behind the chest in the entry hall
the silverware drawer
behind the pantry door
the basement stairs

It’s totally random. I’m not COMPLETELY obsessive/compulsive. Different things get vacuumed every week ………well kind of.

I did just vacuum the coils under the refrigerator AGAIN.
And I did just open the dryer mid cycle so that I could vacuum the lint trap….but that’s not compulsive! The dryer is right next to the door out to the garage and I was taking the shop vac out. Really!


valerie said...

lol Happy Vacuuming!

Stephdeezy said...

Right not obesessive at all. You keep tellin yourself that.

Kidding but seriously at least things are clean, right? :)

Melissa said...

If you ever run out of things to vaccuum at your house, please feel free to come to mine and be obsessive all you want!

Stacy said...

I agree with Melissa! Anytime!