Monday, March 23, 2009

Treasures from Trambodia

I CANNOT believe that it was 20 years ago, the doctor handed me this little bundle of joy! He was born on Good Friday and came home from the hospital on Easter Sunday. He has brought joy to our home ever since. I cannot think of a better way for him to celebrate his birthday than in service to the Lord! Happy Birthday Trammell!
Trammell's mission has been incredible. He is loving every day in Cambodia. And we LOVE getting Trammell's emails. When printed out, they are are 2-3 pages of 8 point font full of miracles. If we took out the words "AWESOME" and "AMAZING," they would be one page.
They usually read, "On Monday, the most awesome thing happened....
On Tuesday, we saw another miracle.... Wednesday, we could really see the Lord's hand in our work..... Thursday was amazing because...." and so on.

We really can't complain. We LOVE to hear these stories. We love to see these miracles through Trammell's eyes. We are thrilled that he is thrilled with each and every day of his mission.
However, we want the dirt! We want to hear about where he lives, what he eats, the bugs, the spiders, the hardships, the food, the culture.

Okay, he did tell us about the scorpion bite.

But, we also want pictures! He hasn't sent a single picture home. I have sent him memory card after memory card, so he could just pop one out and mail it home. I'm beginning to wonder if he lost his camera.

Thanks to Elder Godfrey and his incredibly generous parents, we received a CD of pictures this last weekend. So here are some shots of Cambodia! Some of them we have seen before. Some are new! We loved every single pic!
Maybe this is why he isn't sending pics! And as if it isn't hot enough!
Youth in the church building - notice the gorgeous doors to the classrooms!

I have NO idea where this is or what they are trying to accomplish. It is obviously some kind of service project. I know that some of the service they perform there includes working in rice paddies, assisting dentists, helping people build huts etc. The road to Angkor Wat.....which explains why their shoes look like this:

The apartment is Siem Reap that Elder Cox and Elder Godfrey shared with another set of elders.
I have more! I'll share some more in the future!


debilyn said...

Great Pics!!!

Happy Birthday, must be sooooo proud of him =)

Missty said...

Happy Birthday Trammell!! Looks like he is doing great! THe shoe pic, crackes me up. SO how many pairs are you having to send him? lol

Don and Kelley said...

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing! We loved seeing the pictures!