Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's time to freak out! It's Teacher Appreciation time!

Margaret and I have been doing Teacher Appreciation since Trammell was a freshman. Every single year, we question our sanity. And then, for some stupid reason we sign up to do it again.

Today’s adventure includes scrubbing, pricking and baking 16X16 potatoes? How many is that? All I know is that we bought 16 – 15 lb bags and each one contains 16 potatoes. So that is ………..256. I’m only responsible for ½ of them…..128. I currently have 96 of them in my ovens at 400 degrees with my sister in law’s oven full of potatoes too! It's a wild experiment. We have NO IDEA how long it will take to cook this many potatoes.

All I know is that we are serving lunch to the entire staff at the high school at 12:30. And they will be hungry. And they are all coming at once.

We’re having a baked potato bar with the potatoes and offering chili, butter, cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, onions and salsa as toppings. We’re also having salads, brownies, cookies and pop.

It always kind of freaks me out when we do these meals. There are always a million little things that could go wrong-
“What if the potatoes are cooked enough?”
“What if the potatoes are overcooked?”
“What if they don’t stay hot?”

“What if the people who volunteered to send stuff to school don’t send the stuff to school?”
“What if we forgot to think of something….something really important….like PLATES?”

“What if we don’t have enough food?”
“What if we have way too much?”- I don’t really care about that one.

I HATE lugging everything into the school.

Seriously, who wouldn’t? Do you want to lug three coolers full of 40-50 pounds of potatoes into the school? Along with every appliance, utensil and dish towel from home?

On these days, I break more rules than usual. Like driving on the sidewalk right up to the front door of the school. Yeah – it kind of freaks security out. But then they see who it is and shake their heads. Plus they are getting lunch out of it…..so they look the other way.

Wish us luck! I’m off to get 80 pounds of ice and continue my freaking out in another locale.


valerie said...

Good luck with the potatoes!

Missty said...

LOL. Happy potatoe baking!!

You do your teacher appriciation early. Ours isn't till the end of school.