Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Be still my heart! Wow! Phew! THAT was intense!

I was wondering around the yard watering in my seminary costume - skirt and blouse.......topped with a hoodie sweatshirt because I was cold when I came home. Note: the hoodie did NOT match the skirt. And then, rather than roam around in heels, I had on big, furry Ugg slippers. It was a sight to behold. Sorry you missed it.

But anyway, the outfit was not really appropriate for yardwork. I thought I better go change. Plus it's no longer 40 degrees. It's 70.

I put on some cute jean capris and a summery short sleeved shirt. But then I spotted what looked like an even cuter pair of denim capris. They were perfect - I liked the wash. The length looked perfect too. They would hit mid calf....cropped pants...cute!

Until I pulled them on and WHAT???? Huh? They fit fine in the length. They fit fine in the thigh. But OH MY HEAVENS! Did my butt really get that big this winter?
Okay, okay, they were obviously freshly washed. They were nice and crisp. Ummmm maybe I just needed to stretch them out a little?
NO..........There was NO WAY they would EVER fit. I straightened out the lining in the pockets. I sucked in. Seriously...........I wouldn't be able to button these things in a million years. WHAT HAPPENED?
I took several deep breaths and calmed down. There MUST be a mistake. I took them off and looked at the label. Ummm....yeah....they were an old pair of Parker's size 10 jeans. Yeah - I can't really fit into boy's size 10 jeans. If I could, THAT would be a whole different problem!


Mrs. Pickledpigsfeet said...

I'm so glad that they were boys pants! I would freak out too if over a regular winter my clothes no longer fit me. I know that none of my clothes will fit me after this winter, but that's okay. We made the deal last year when we decided to have the baby that I'd get a whole new wardrobe for my efforts lol.

Missty said...

LOL. I have so done that before. Very scary for a moment!

valerie said...

lol! Phew! I'm glad to know that it was just boy pants and not from eating butter.

Javan said...

I feel your pain; when Kenny is allowed to touch the laundry (usually I am gone and don't have the chance to come to the laundry's rescue), he keeps putting Quinn's shirts in my drawer. As if I could even fit half my chest in one of those! I have a heart attack every time I try to put one of those tiny t-shirts on (it's dark in our room in the morning). I retaliated last week by putting Riley's boxers in Kenny's underwear drawer.